You will not BELIEVE the 2023 Toyota Sequoia Engineering #shorts

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Classic Cars Qatar and Dubai

Qatar classic car owners may be as diverse as the vehicle models they love, or own. However, those owners all share a common factor, Attitude. There is three different types of attitudes noticed among the owners.

Chicago Classic Car Culture

During the summer months from dinnertime to dusk on practically every day of the week, you can wander streets from the far northern suburbs to the south side and check out vehicles from the past. Cars of all sizes, ages, and colors will be rolling down “Main Street” in the downtown districts of suburban Chicago.

Classic Car Auctions – Buying

Classic Car Auctions are your key to finding vintage cars for less. Find out how.

Ten Classic Muscle Cars

With the popularity of movies like The Fast and The Furious, Gone in Sixty Seconds and The last Ride, there has been some reference to the good old muscle cars which were immortalized in movies like Bullit, Vanishing Point and of course The Dukes of Hazzard series. This top ten list has a look at some of the muscle car icons born from the late 60’s and early 70’s.

Top Five Classic Muscle Cars

Muscle cars have always been a favorite for drivers and collectors alike. The real question is which classic muscle car was king of the hill during the 1960’s.

Antique And Vintage Cars And Their Alure

These vintage cars are generally prided and kept in pristine condition. They are even more damage prone than regular cars and the worst part is that their repairs are costlier too.

Why I Like Classic Car & Cycle People!

While watching the TV news, I was appalled at how many people can’t just get along, to quote Rodney King. It is truly a very sad situation. Then I thought about all the different types of people we have at our event and how well they all get along.

Majestics Annual Car Show Showcased Vintage Volkswagen Vehicles

The Majestics Annual Car Show held in Regina has showcased an interesting selection of trucks, motorcycles, and cars. Among the participants are some 200 Volkswagen fanatics who have showed their vintage VW vehicles.

Classic Car Show Power Voting

Classic Car Show Power Voting Revealed.

How To Repair Rust In Your Classic Car Body

I thought that I’d delve in to an article about fixing rust in the body of your classic car, this is a huge problem if your buying or own a classic cars that came from a place near the sea, or a place where they use salt on the roads to melt the snow, rust in most cases will start underneath the car and work it’s way up destroying anything in it’s path along the way, nothing will stop rust or slow it down in it’s effort to destroy your classic car’s body. There are a few ways…

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