Would You Pay $38K For This 2022 Toyota RAV4 TRD Off Road?

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Car Covers – One of Life’s Necessities

Car cover are one of those essentials of life that we cannot do without. You may think I am exaggerating somewhat, but I am dead serious. It is a fact that a car that has been protected with a car cover has a longer life expectancy than one that is not.

1971 Mustang – The First Year of the “Big” Mustang

A 1971 Mustang was my first Mustang and frankly the gateway to my life long obsession with the car. Certainly a bigger car but surprising to most people only one inch longer in wheelbase than the 1970 Mustang. Gone now are the Shelbys and the 428 engine but for one last year the meaner and faster 351 and 429 Boss ruled the pavement.

1970 Mustang, the Last of the Classic Pony Car?

Was 1970 the last real classic Mustang? Many Ford Mustangs would follow but do any of them stand up to this classic?

Hyundai Getz Review

Hyundai Getz was rolled out in the year of 2004 in India. The image of this super mid-sized car has projected it as the best-suited vehicle for small urban families. The small car Hyundai Getz has succeeded in capturing the hearts of many people across the country. The Getz is the perfect and ideal car for those who want style and grace in their machine.

Honda Accord Variants

Honda Accord is one of the luxurious sedan models in Indian auto market. This luxurious sedan is a synthesis of advanced styling, complete comfort, and sophistication. The car is introduced with the more power and passenger space. As compared to other sedan models Honda Accord is much impressive and more dynamic in drive. Its extreme bold and aggressive looks make the car more exclusive and elite.

Chevrolet Spark: Full of Life

Chevrolet Spark in India as a come-back vehicle to the long forgotten Matiz. The Spark has a more stylish and expensive looks in comparison to its forerunner, so that it can compete in the small car segment in the country. This Hatchback has an improved body design and has carries the enough space that you would want for your family.

The Perfect Bare-Bones Muscle Car

In 1968, the first muscle cars were moving away from the true spirit of muscle cars, which was a fast car that was affordable for the common man. So the folks at Plymouth Cars, a division of Chrysler, even though they already had a high-performance car out in the market (the GTX), went back to the drawing board.

Classic Cars Restored Like New

Classic Car Restoration can take you on a grate path of adventure finding the car first is one of the most interesting fates spend a little time looking at ads and see real project..Cars that people have for sale then when you find the one that suits you best everything is grate all that has to be done now is to get it home.

The Draw of Muscle Cars

With the popularity of films such as, The Fast and The Furious, Deathproof and Vanishing Point, good old classic muscle cars are slowly making their way back into the mainstream spotlight. In fact, there are movies that have immortalized muscle cars and cemented their place in legend.

Motorcycle Engine Reconditioning

If you are fed up with the engine performance of your motorcycle and want to improve it, then the first thing you need to do is to go for the engine reconditioning of your motorcycle. If you want to get your motorcycle in the smooth running position you should focus on some of the strategies and tricks that can help you to recondition your motorcycle engine.

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