Why Does The RAV4 Sell So Well?

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The 2012 Olympics Official Automotive Partner

The London 2012 Olympic committee chose BMW as its Official Automotive Partner, the committee believes BMW’s sustainability credentials will help make the London 2012 games sustainable. In accordance with the partnership the German car maker will supply the game’s participants and organisers with a range of Efficient Dynamic diesel cars, hybrids and electric vehicles, achieving average CO2 emissions below the LOCOG target of 120g/km, as well as bicycles and motorcycles.

The Future for Employee Car Ownership

The employee car ownership scheme was introduced to replace company cars; it is designed to give employees similar benefits to a company car such as a new car on a regular basis, central organisation of insurance and servicing. An employee car ownership (ECO) scheme has to be organised by an employer, employees are provided cars from a specified source within a specified financing framework. But, recently a leading tax expert has casted doubts on the scheme.

Some Welcomed Good News for London Drivers

If you’re a Londoner driving and owning a car in central London has just got much harder, not only is VAT going up by 2.5% to 20% but, the Central London Congestion charge has also gone up by 2GBP to 10GBP a day.

The Most Luxurious Car

The most luxurious car is the 1931 Bugatti Royale Kellner Coupe which was sold in 1987. Although it is not currently available in the market, its price of $8,700,000.00 is definitely the biggest among all other vehicles.

The Vauxhall Cars Family – Making Motoring Better

Vauxhall cars’ success is due to the company’s ability to make a family of vehicles that answers all the needs of British families. Dickens Group, family run car dealers answers the need with the exclusive range of new and used Peugeot and Vauxhall cars on offer.

Tata Indigo Dicor Variants

Tata Indigo is one of the most admired sedan models of the Indian car market. It is the complete car and offers the extreme interiors and impressive exteriors. The Tata Indigo is available in three different engine options such as Petrol, Diesel and Dicor which powered with the different engine capacity.

Chauffeur Driven Cars, the Affordable Alternative to Taxis

Most people tend to associate chauffeur driven cars with special occasions such as weddings or maybe even for people in the business world. You rarely associate them with regular occasions such as a Saturday night on the town or your mum’s birthday dinner. However, nowadays with the high cost of fuel, extortionate parking fees or hiring a taxi, hiring a chauffeur driven car is an affordable alternative especially if the cost is divided amongst a group of people.

Spoilt For Choice With Covercraft

Covercraft is known across the world for their expertise in making car covers, and in fact, any sort of vehicle cover. They have a wide range of various different types of covers that are all of superior quality. Covercraft appreciate the fact that not every car needs the same sort of protection.

Car Covers – One Of Life’s Essentials

Buying yourself a car cover is one of the most vital things to do after having bought a car. But even if you have had your car for a while now, it is still worth it to get a cover. So much gets ruined, so much frustration and so much money gets wasted when the car is not covered.

Complete Protection With Technalon

A Technalon cover is the ideal choice for anyone who is looking for a car cover that will protect their car in all weather conditions. It is cover that, come what may, will be able to shield the car from nature’s harsh elements. Not a single speck of a mark will be able to found on the car itself.

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