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What to Consider Before Signing a Car Lease

If you are interested in leasing a new car, you will definitely not want to rush into anything until you have taken the opportunity to look through some of the options which you are going to have. There will be quite a few special deals which you will have to choose from when it comes to car leases, so it will therefore be necessary to take some time to see what you can find. By going online and using the internet to your advantage, you will most likely be able to find the best possible deal on a lease for…

Factors to Consider When Looking for Secure Airport Parking

Before going on a holiday or a business trip, a large number of people are opting to take their cars to the airport. If you are away for a few days or even months, finding a secure parking spot for your car will give you priceless peace of mind.

The 2013 Volkswagen Beetle Convertible TDI Is Not Your Grandfather’s Beetle

What sets the 2013 Volkswagen Beetle Convertible TDI apart from other Beetles — and every other vehicle inside and outside its class — is that it lays claim to being the first diesel powered convertible for sale in North America. When you visit a Volkswagen car dealership and take the 2013 convertible for a test drive or, better still, buy one to take home, the ride is impressive all the way around. If you’re looking for a fun car that gets reasonable gas mileage and still has a hint of nostalgia in its DNA, you’ll be hard pressed to find a vehicle more appealing from any manufacturer, foreign or domestic.

Show a Beetle Love: The VW’s Influence Over Pop Culture

The Volkswagen Beetle or Volkswagen Type 1 had a legendary long production run worldwide, and remains highly sought after among VW enthusiasts. As one of the most popular vehicles, the Beetle has had great influence over pop culture.

The Original E-Type Jaguar: Still the Best

A history of the Jaguar E-Type. The XKE set the bar for car beauty for decades to come.

The McLaren F1 Turns Twenty

The McLaren F1 turned twenty on May 28, 2012. This article explores the history of how the iconic McLaren F1 came to be.

Early Automotive History – Henry Ford’s Legacy

Learn more on Ford Motor Company beginnings, how Henry Ford managed to build one of the industry giants and how his son Edsel introduced style in the car design. Find out who is responsible for a revolution in transportation and vehicle production.

2013 Dodge Dart: A New Take On a Classic

The Dodge Dart is a well-known classic car. This year, a refreshing take on a classic is made available to us. This article discusses what makes this new model so important.

Facts and Rumors About the 2014 Ferrari Enzo F70

There have been a number of rumors floating around the web about the new Ferrari Enzo. This article presents some of them, as well as some verified facts about the new model.

Effective Ways to Lessen the Effects of Car Rust

For many car owners, the very mention of rust is enough to fill them with fear. The reality is that since cars are made of metal there are certain circumstances that make them susceptible to rust. Thankfully by taking appropriate action, a car owner can dramatically reduce the chances of having to deal with this form of vehicle corrosion. Here are some suggestions on how you can help your car to avoid rust issues.

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