Should You Buy A Used Car In 2022?

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The Classic Cars of the Future is the Automobile You Are Driving Today

A true classic car is one that is completely original, and no modifications have been made decades later, including holes drilled, or add-on aftermarket parts replacing the genuine original parts. But have you ever considered that the classic cars of the future are nothing more than the automobiles we are driving today. In other words you are only 30-years too early.

Protecting Your Classic Car From Wicked Winter Weather or the Hot Summer Sun

Prior to retirement, I ran a mobile car washing and detailing company. I can recall many of our classic car customers wanted their cars washed and detailed, and a special detail prior to putting them into storage to protect them from the elements. Our franchisees dealing in colder climates gave each of their customer’s cars a complete full detail and wax prior to the owners putting a cover over them and storing them for the winter.

What Options to Consider When Storing Your Vehicle

The idea and practicality of car storage is becoming ever more popular in modern times, with people following their career’s abroad and circumstances constantly moving and changing. If someone has expended a lot of time, effort and maintenance into their classic car they’ll obviously want to safeguard their investment when circumstances around them might vary, so classic car storage is a practical and realistic option.

The Mythical 1955 Ford Thunderbird’s Origins

When America fell in love with the Thunderbird back in 1954 it was a lively two seater. Yet the Ford Thunderbird has continued to evolve into many different auto market segments over its lifespan and miles of the product. Yet nothing seems to hold T-Bird fans attention and rapt attention at the original 1955 “bird”.

Modern Classic Cars – The Vauxhall Lotus Carlton

Although it could reach speeds of 177 mph the Vauxhall Lotus Carlton will probably go down in history as the world’s fastest saloon car that nobody knew about! The fact that the car was so fast caused so much controversy that the corporate advertising of the day banned mentioning this fact.

The Coolness of the Classic Chevrolet Lingers On

Chevys have been cool for as long as I can remember, and they did certainly create an impact on me in my lifetime. Seems like there probably has been one in the garage for so many years I cannot remember. Thinking back, I know being a Chevy owner is a good thing.

Grace and Poise With Maserati Gran Turismo

Maserati’s third offspring in the Trident series is the Gran Turismo S Automatic. It is a perfect combination of the 433hp, 32-valve, Ferrari V8 engine along with an automated 6-speed ZF gearbox.

Classic Cars – The Audi Quattro

When Audi uncovered its new Quattro at the 1980 Geneva motor show, it amazed the motoring world. The four-wheeled drive turbocharged road car, rally car and angular designed coupe, stole the show and proved that Audi with the new Quattro 4×4 technology, really had made ‘Vorsprung Durch Technik’ a massive advancement through technology, possible for all future cars.

Technalon Car Cover – Life Improving

A car cover, what was once considered a luxury, is now considered a necessity. More awareness on the topic has brought people to the realisation of what an important role the car cover has to play in their lives. Their lives have instantly changed overnight, with the purchase of one single item; a car cover.

Classic Cars – The MGB GT

The MGB and the fastback coupe version, the MGB GT, are iconic British sports cars of the 1960’s and 70’s. Over the period of eighteen years over half a million of the snazzy little sports cars were made by MG, many for export to the US market. Due to the ease of availability of spare parts, low running and insurance costs and the numbers of the car produced, the MGB has become a very popular classic collectors starter car.

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