Pros & Cons of the 2023 Honda HR-V EX-L AWD

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Joys of a VW Camper Van

A VW camper van is a versatile vehicle. It can be used for commuting, transporting the kids and for camping. Choosing one of these vans can allow your family to enjoy the outdoors and have a great time.

The Era of the Camper Van May Be Returning

The outdoor activity of camping is a popular past time. There are many ways to enjoy camping out. Some campers enjoy sleeping under the stars, while others use tents.

Off-Road Driving Essentials

As Australians, we love getting off the beaten track, heading off-road and venturing into the Aussie bush. And one of the easiest and most convenient ways to do so is with our four-wheel drives. Being prepared for your off-road adventure will help you avoid, and overcome, any unforeseen difficulties.

Fuel Types Explained

A car is a complicated piece of machinery, and taking care of it is easier when you understand how and what makes it run. So here’s a run-down of the different fuel types available.

A Few Things About the History of Cars

The history of this important means of transportation starts in 1769 when the steam powered cars were invented. Several years later, more specifically in 1806 the cars that ran on fuel gas appeared on the market. In the 20th and 21st century the cars that were powered by electricity have been designed to be the next cars that we will all use at one point or another.

A Few Things About Antique Cars

Some people would say that antique cars are those cars that are over 50 years old but the true definition of the antique cars can vary a lot. There is a significant difference between the UK understanding of antique cars and the US understanding. In the US people use this term in accordance with certain cars built before World War II. In UK however, the antique cars are those cars that are 100 years old.

Smart Tips to Avoid Car Theft

It is known that theft is one of the most common crimes of opportunity. For instance, theft can be happened when your car seems to be easy to steal, so the thieves may be drawn to it. Actually, there are some easy ways to avoid a car theft. Just follow the smart tips below and get your car safe from unpredictable theft.

Things You Must Know When Importing a Kit Car Into Canada

The importation of kit cars into Canada presents some unique challenges since kit cars are illegal to import into Canada. That said if you know how to approach it it can be done and that is what this article is about.

The GTO – A Tale Of Two Eras

A lot of die-hard car aficionados refer to the Pontiac GTO as the original version of the true muscle car. The reason behind this is that Pontiac did not follow the big-bodied and massive makes of other manufacturers when they designed their muscle cars. This kind was intermediary in size and did not also belong to the heavy weights that curtail the power and speed of a true racing car.

All You Need to Know About Chrysler

Are you considering buying a Chrysler vehicle but want to know more about the company you’re purchasing from? This article will tell you all you need to know about this prestigious brand of cars and where this global brand came from. Based in Auburn Hills in Michigan, the car company started out officially on 6th June 1925 when Walter Chrysler helped to reorganise the Maxwell Motor Company (previously founded in 1904) following his rescue of Willys car company.

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