Pros & Cons.. Ford Bronco Outer Banks 4 Door

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Slotted Brake Rotors – Their Advantages And Disadvantages

By installing performance brake rotors on your vehicle, braking performance will increase significantly. Of the most common designs available, slotted brake rotors perform quite well.

Tips Before Buying Classic Cars

Classic cars stand apart from crowd and give the owner a sense of pride. They are definitely neighbor’s envy and owner’s pride. If you are planning on purchasing a classic car then here are few handy tips that may ease your classic car hunt.

Converting Your Classic Mustang to Disc Brakes

As much as we all love our classic Mustangs I have to admit that I’ve become spoiled by modern power disc brakes. The old manual drum brakes of 40 years ago just don’t seem to cut it anymore. So, what choices do you have.

Ferrari Classic Cars Past and Present Making the News

The supreme luxury sports car marque Ferrari is never far from making news headlines, whether it is the Scuderia Ferrari Formula 1 racing team or, say, their ever popular sports cars like the Ferrari 458, winning even more automotive accolades than you can shake a stick at. One thing is for sure – the Ferrari cars, and the brand as a whole, has always been evocative. Even from their humble beginnings at the start of the 20th century by their founder and automotive engineer Enzo Ferrari, the company owes much to its racing roots and heritage.

Choose Petrol RC Car Among Others to Get the First Place in the Race

People have been constantly participating in many racing activities. They have even considered racing to be an exciting activity. The use of cars is one of the most popular types of racing. This is then followed by horse racing and motorcycle racing. In every race, the main goal is to be the first to arrive at the finish line. There is no such race that recognizes the last one to arrive as the winner. This is very obvious.

Frozen In Time – Classic Volvo Parts

From the cold north in Scandinavia, one car manufacturer stands out as the maker of cars that are synonymous with safety. Volvo, based in the Swedish city of Gothenburg, has, for over 80 years now, been building cars that not just last, but stand the test of time to an extent that would put many reputed car manufacturers to shame. Classic Volvo parts are now turning out to be quite a task to locate. If you have a classic 460, or an even older 210 in need of any parts, the chances of locating them at a Volvo dealer service center are not just slim, they take up quite a bit of time as well.

Women’s Influence in Automobile History

This article analyzes the influence the feminine sex had on the automobile history over the last century. This period was chosen as being of huge significance for this field because it is during the 20th century that the car has become a core element of everyday life and has changed the structure of towns, of labor market and also the family lifestyle.

Mercedes-Benz Classic Cars Past and Present Making the News

The much celebrated German luxury car manufacturer Mercedes-Benz has always offered high quality motoring along with expertly engineered technical automotive design. Mercedes-Benz has always been competitive and had an active racing presence over the years, which has helped with the company’s car development and design. This can still be seen today, with Mercedes having a major role in many areas of motorsport around the world, including the high profile Formula 1 World Championship and the DTM (or Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters – German Touring Car Masters) race championships, as well as world renowned races like Le Mans.

Ten Reasons a 20 Year Old Truck Is More Efficient Than a Prius

Have you ever wondered if you should get rid of your old truck for something smaller and more efficient? Chances are you usually only think about this when you are pumping gas into your truck. Here are ten reasons why you are better off than trading it in for a little gas sipper.

There Is No Better Buy Than a Nissan Qashqai

The Nissan Qashqai is one of the most popular SUV/Crossover vehicles available in South Africa and is perfect family vehicle thanks to its NCAP Rating and driving features. Both new and used vehicles are available nationwide.

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