Pros & Cons.. 2022 Toyota Corolla SE Manual Sedan

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Aston Martin Classic Cars Past and Present Making the News

The highly esteemed luxury sports car marque Aston Martin has always had a certain ‘je nais se quoi’ and uber cool status, thanks to being immortalised on television and big screen films like James Bond and the company’s racing heritage. The Aston Martin racing heritage stems right back to the beginning of the 20th century when the company used to compete in hill climb races; later in the century saw many of the big names race with the Aston Martin team, which together with the film exposure has made the company into a desirable brand worldwide. New V12 Zagato…

What Constitutes A Classic Car?

What constitutes a classic car, Who determines if a car is a classic, when does a car become a classic? How many times are those questions asked? This classic car debate is a very subjective one and in my opinion there is no right or wrong answer.

5 Good Reasons to Move Up in a Micra

New or used, bright red or powder blue… your decision to buy a Nissan Micra might just be your best one yet. And there are endless reasons to support it. Here are just five…

Auto History – Steam Automobiles

Unlike serious motor vehicle exhibitions such as the Paris show, the 1903 Detroit Auto Show was actually an adjunct to a Sportsmen’s show that ran at the Detroit Armory. The Horseless Age covered the event in its February 18, 1903 issue, stating that the event only had about 3000 visitors per day, and that most of them did not come to see the cars. “To put it mildly, the show from the standpoint of the automobile exhibitors was hardly a success,” our editors reported. “The growling of the 200 or more dogs and the noise in the shooting gallery put a hard strain on the nerves of some attendants.” We concluded that a dog show was not the proper place to promote the automobile.

Auto History – Engine

The answer to solid rubber tires and cart springs? Perhaps. A manufacturing nightmare? Probably. As you can see, each spring attached to its own upper perch, which joins at a hinge to the previous unit. Also note the work that went into the lower spring perch.

Limousines Riders, Then and Now

When I was a child, this particular question used to always pop up in my little head as to who really are these people riding in these pretty, large and absolutely longer than the usual cars? Growing up in urban area, it always fascinated me as to who were these limousine riders? Limousine itself was an exciting subject matter for me but far more than that, I was more curious about the people that I could see inside it.

New Car Dealers in High Gear

In Frank McClure’s office, protected in a velvet-lined box, is Arizona auto license number 178. It was issued in 1914, the year that Monte Mansfield opened his Ford dealership in Tucson. McClure worked for Mansfield from 1954 to 1958, the year Mansfield sold his Ford dealership to Holmes Tuttle.

Advice on Buying a Classic Car

If your annual mileage is very low, you may be retired or live very close to your workplace, running a classic car as your only vehicle may substantially reduce your motoring costs. You could even have free motoring.

The Most Memorable Movie Cars of All Time

Film and television series over the years have featured a huge variety of vehicles; some have been iconic to the productions and will forever be linked together. The silver screen can certainly bring out a cars or vans performance, with many of the vehicles about to be mentioned being driven in unbelievable circumstances at top speeds. One thing for sure, as soon as we see a particular car model, we can immediately think back to the film it was used in, certainly a great homage to the many movie vehicles since moving pictures began.

Nissan Qashqai – Unique in Name, Unique by Nature

The Nissan QASHQAI flaunts conventions and creates all of its own guidelines to create a unique driving experience that screams out individuality and creativity. The Nissan Qashqai derives its aggressive power from a range of engines available in both petrol and diesel.

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