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Classic Cars – The Mini

When the iconic BMC Mini was launched in 1959 it became the first compact car. Despite rapidly developing a cult following, and the car being driven by Stars such as Steve McQueen, Paul McCartney and Margot Fonteyn, initial sales were extremely slow.

Classic Cars – The Ford Capri

When Henry Ford the Second introduced the Ford Capri to the the eager audience at the Brussles Motor Show in 1969, he knew he had a winner. By the time the last car was made in 1986 nearly two million Capris had been sold.

Pomona Swap Meet Classic Car Show

The Pomona Swap Meet was just held on 17th April, 2011 at the huge Pomona fairgrounds. This is one of the biggest auto swap meets in North America. It will be held six times in 2011 and seven times in the year 2012.

Classic Car Pate Swap Meets

A. M. Pate Jr. and Sebert Pate were not only genetically linked (they were brothers) but they also shared a passion between the two of them. The passion was a passion for cars. Hence they began collecting cars in the late 1940’s.

Real Classic Cars Have 8-Track Tapes – Remember Those?

When it comes to real classic cars, there’s always the question of functionality versus antique authenticity. If you have a classic car and you modify it in any way other than to manufacturing specs then it is no longer factory original. At a classic car show you will be judged by originality and you will lose points, and there isn’t a chance you can’t with the show.

Fight The Battle With Stormproof Car Cover

The Stormproof car cover is one that will be able to shield cars in the fight against natures harshest elements. As the season’s change, Stormproof is appropriately equipped with all the necessary tools to win the battle. Find out how.

Guilieta Alfa Romeo Classic Sport Car Coupes

For those stylish sports car enthusiasts that are in the know most of Alfa Romeo postwar success can be traced to their stylish Bertone and Zagato coupes. Powered by fast, zippy twin-cam high performance engines they were highly fast as well as attractive. The last of the Giulia GTV coupes left the production line in 1976, marking the end of a pretty direct line after 20 years, true testimony to the high quality of the original design.

Oakland Roadster Classic Car Show

The Oakland Roadster Show has reached its sixty-two years of active showcasing. It was recently held from 28th to 30th January, 2011 at the Fairplex in Pomona. It is well known as the world longest running indoor car show.

Classic Cars – The Mazda RX-7

Hailed by many as the most beautiful car ever to come out of Japan, The Mazda RX-7 took seventeen years of development before it finally appeared on the streets in 1978. With a unique rotary engine, high performance and sleek lines, the Mazda RX-7 instantly became a modern classic.

Classic Cars – The Jaguar E-Type

The Jaguar E-Type was a true revelation to the motoring world when it was unveiled for the very first time at the Geneva Motor Show in June 1961. The Jaguar E-Type was manufactured and assembled by Jaguar Cars at its Coventry Plant in Warwickshire over a period of fourteen years from 1961 until 1975. The car was originally produced with a 3.8l engine and later versions featured 4.2l six cylinder and the final 5.3l V12.

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