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Porsche Car’s Most Wanted, a Brief Guide to The Air Cooled Models

The Porsche sports car company has come along way since its early beginnings, the company was founded as Dr. Ferdinand Porsche in 1931 who was an Austrian engineer born in “Maffersdorf”, at the time of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Porsche GmbH initially offered motor vehicle development work and consultancy for the then German Government and the first major project was to develop a car for the people, this was later called the Volkswagen Kafer (or VW Beetle as it became known to the English).

Classic Sports Cars – The Triumph TR4

Launched at the 1961 Motor Show in London the Triumph TR4 two-seater roadster met all the design challenges of the 1960’s with an impressively stylish Italian designed body from Michellotti. The Triumph TR4 and TR4A were manufactured at the firms Canley works in Coventry from 1961 until 1967. In all 68,718 units were produced mostly for the US and European markets.

Detroit’s Fabulous Dream Cruise

One of the world’s largest classic autos event, this gala affair is under reported and unrecognized even though it may be the largest event of its kind. Over 1,000,000 people line the streets and plazas along the route and gaze at the thosands of restored and modified classic cars from years gone by. This years event honors Chevrolet and its 100th year of business.

Purchasing Your First Classic Car

Purchasing a classic car can be a fun experience, but a little scary if it’s your first. Car? Truck? Original? Modified? Already finished? Project? Where do you start?

Where Do Minis Come From?

People often think of history in academic surroundings. But history has more to do with just dates and times. History provides a look at the origin of something. Where did it come from? Who made it? The questions are boundless. Commercial product history is something that owners have come to realize is important to the personality of the product. Automobiles are experiencing a renaissance of sorts these days with popular models from the past being updated with new technology. Although the overall appearance of retro body styling is relatively the same, the car has undergone a complete renaissance in the way it performs today. One such automobile that has garnered popular attention in the past fifteen years is the Mini Cooper.

The First Audi Models

In the early twentieth century, car makers all over the world were experimenting and testing new and innovative ideas in the area of car manufacturing. Historically, there was no blueprint to go from and any new and ground-breaking thoughts were treated as viable ideas. It was an era of pioneering in a society that was enjoying novel ideas about where to take the automobile next. One company who ventured into these unknown waters was Audi.

Where Do Audis Come From?

Many people throughout the world think the automobile was invented in the United States. True, Henry Ford is generally considered the father of the American automobile, but automobile invention was happening all over the industrialized world. Besides the USA, many other industrialized nations were mass-producing cars as well. Four such countries were Germany, England, Italy, and Japan.

Vintage Cars – Top Five Reasons Why They Are Still In Demand Today

While modern car sales continue to fall, vintage cars are getting hotter these days. According to research, there is a huge demand for them all over the world. Hundreds and thousands of vintage cars are sold each year and each car is worth millions of dollars. Indeed, these classic cars are now soaring not just in the US but to other Eastern countries despite the reports of the economic downturn.

Vintage Volkswagen Racing: The Beginning of Deano Dyno-Soar

Dean Lowry joined Joe Vittone and his VW dealership Economotors in Riverside, California in 1955. After realizing how easy it was to repair and service Volkswagen Dean learned all he could and increased his skill level. He decided to make a career of Volkswagens and increasing their performance on the drag strip.

EMPI: The Beginning of VW Performance Parts

Since the early days of Volkswagen, one company has always remained on top, EMPI. EMPI began in Riverside, California by Joe Vittone when he opened a Volkswagen dealership in 1954 with his business partner Holt Haughey. The agency was named Economotors and specialized in selling Volkswagen beetles and buses, and service parts.

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