Pros & Cons.. 2022 Lexus RX 350 Premium Package

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Why Buy a Used Mustang

In the market for a new car? Here are a few reasons why you should be looking for a Ford Mustang!

Cold Air Intakes – Help You to Increase Efficiency of Engines

How exactly the cold air give benefits? Well the method is very simple. Cold Air Intakes carry cold air directly to the engine.

Classic Cars And Where To Start

Wouldn’t we all like our favourite classic car in the garage, yes please. The key to investing in classic cars is to know about what your investing in, if you are interested in a certain car to start you down the road spend time on research. What owner clubs are there, are spares reasonably easy to get hold of, and so on.

1967 Austin Healey 3000 – The End of the Line for the Big Healey

In 1968, the American federal government enacted the first of a series of regulations on the exhaust gases a car could produce. These new emission control requirements would require devices that would add extra cost to the vehicle and reduce its power.

1962 Austin Healey Sprite – No More Bug Eye

The 1962 Austin Healey Sprite was no longer the bug eye car. This year’s model was also the first time the engine displacement was increased for this line of cars. It now had a 1098cc engine.

1959 Austin Healey Sprite – The Bug Eye Special

The bore of the cylinder was 2.478 inches and the stroke was 3 inches which gave the engine the capacity of 948cc. the maximum horsepower it could produce was 48 at 5000 rpms. The compression ratio of the cylinders was 8.3:1.

1964 Austin Healey Sprite – Not a Midget

The rear was a live axle with a full elliptic leaf spring and an anti roll bar. This was an improvement over the previous models which made for a more comfortable ride.

1960 Austin Healey – There Were 3 Models

There was also no trunk lid or boot lid. If you wanted to access the rear storage area, you would need to fold down the seat’s backs for complete access. These also help the aerodynamics of the car.

Rally Driving – History Of Driving

Rally Driving dates back to 1890’s when unusually talented drivers started racing on roads with their potentially powerful cars. This adventure driving was all open to public, where novice drivers could also take part and try their hands on motor rallies. Gradually, as the tradition of using rough and slippery surfaces became popular, these driving challenges were made even tougher.

Top 5 Most Expensive Cars

Having a car is something to be proud of. It is everyone’s dream. Nevertheless, owning one of the most expensive cars in the world would something to brag about. The influential people and celebrities can only afford to get one. For them, it can never be a problem because they have the money but for the middle class individuals they should think twice.

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