Pros & Cons.. 2022 Hyundai Sonata Limited 1.6t

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Which Car Cover To Choose?

It can be hard deciding what sized car cover to buy. Not everyone realises but there are actually three sizes for car covers; universal, semi custom and custom. Universal covers will fit any car of any size (trucks and vans are a separate size altogether).

Covercraft – Manufacturing Only Quality Covers

Covercraft is a company that is known throughout the world for their expertise in making car covers, or any vehicle covers for that matter. They produce top quality covers for any vehicle, ensuring that they are always kept safe and secure from any sort of harm. Vehicles need to be covered when stored outdoors.

Rolls Royce Owned by Andy Warhol to Be Sold in Auction

Andy Warhol was one of the most significant creative individuals in the Pop art action in America. Warhol became as well renowned as numerous of the celebrities he portrayed in his well liked computer display prints. Warhol was born Andrew Warhola in 1928 to Slovakian parents.

Honda Used Cars From Honda Car Dealers

This article gives a clear idea about Honda Company and what’s the position of the company. The article also discusses about Honda used cars and advantage of buying a used car authorized dealership.

Cadillac – The Swagger Is Back

For well over 75 years, Cadillac was the car to own when your financial ship came in. But, in the 1970s and 80s, the magic at Cadillac truly disappeared, along with most of their market prestige. Happy days are finally here again at Cadillac however. The CTS, CTS-V, upcoming ATS, Escalade (and even the ill fated XLR) signify that Caddy is passionate about great cars. Cadillac is once again an aspirational car brand, a sure sign that all is well in the automotive universe.

Buying a Car: The Art of Negotiation

You’ve been breaking your back and working countless hours, saving enough of your hard-earned money to get the car that’s been forever haunting your dreams. All you have to worry about now is the car dealer trying to pull a fast one on you, doing every trick in the book to get you to buy a car. No one likes getting ripped off, most especially people who’ve poured blood, sweat, and tears into buying a new car.

Colour-Coding Fluid Leaks – How to Act When Your Car Is Leaking!

Regular servicing at the mechanics is the number one way to keep your beloved vehicle running smoothly and in tip top condition, but sometimes, as many of you will have discovered, things go wrong in spite of our best intentions, and we’re faced with the daunting decision of trying to decipher what our car is trying to tell us based on the signs we’re given, and more importantly, whether or not it is safe for us to drive. Once of the most common problem is a fluid leak.

Cold Weather Starting Tip

Cold weather is hard on our cars. Cold engines and cold cars give us the early morning shivers, fog up our windows and burn more fuel. But, did you know that most cars sold in Canada and the northern US have a block heater. Here is a tip on how to use the block heater to make life warmer and easier for you and your vehicle

Mustang Shelby GT History: 1965-2011

Originally, Shelby GT’s history started because of Ford’s wish to enter Sports Car Club of America races [SCCA] where the cars were 2-door coupes only. In this case Ford made a contract with Carroll Shelby back in 1964 when Shelby was already known famous for his driver experience and his phenomenal car – Shelby Cobra.

What Will The Car Of The Future Look Like?

Nobody can tell what car designers have in mind for the future, but we may make several assumptions judging by the present tendencies of the car industry. A lot of changes have been made during the past decades, so we have all the reasons to believe that our estimations are good.

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