Pros & Cons.. 2022 BMW X3 sDrive 30i

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Practical Teaching Tools And Methods for Driving Instructors

Educating new drivers about the fundamentals of safe driving and basic traffic rules on the road can be a complex and knotty task. This is very true especially if the learners are new drivers who do not have enough driving experience. Nonetheless, there are many methods of teaching that can be applied to successfully transfer knowledge regarding essential information about driving.

The Many Ways the Internet Impacts Car Sales – Will This Trend Continue?

As the internet continues to grow in popularity, from one side of the world to the next, consumers are finding it easy to locate exactly what they are looking for. This is definitely true in the automotive industry.

A Renaissance of Classic Auto Parts Brands

Thanks to a few imaginative, dedicated entrepreneurs, some of the once ‘lost’ auto parts brands are being rejuvenated to their former glory. Infamous brands such as King, Sun and S-K Tools are among some of this category of lost auto parts brands. For those familiar with the era of the ’50s and ’60s, you might be aware that dissimilar to the cars of today, vehicles of these eras weren’t built with computers to help the mechanism of the ignition process; they implemented a mechanical distributor instead.

Why You Should Get Your Car Washed By a Professional

Now that summertime is in full swing, people are beginning to head outside to do their household chores. One summertime chore you will often see people doing outside is washing their car. But washing your car by hand may often be insufficient. Having your car washed by a professional ensures that your car will get the best wash. Many people wash their car by hand to save money, but the reality of the situation is that professional carwashes are better suited to do the job than individuals. Read on to see why you should get your car washed by a professional.

September Launch Of Two Eclectic Cars: Nissan Evalia And Renault Scala

September 2012 will see the launch of two spectacular vehicles – one an MPV and the other a 5-seater sedan. Interestingly, both sport almost identical specifications and will pose exquisite control and class. The former is a Nissan Evalia; the latter a Renault Scala.

Hyundai I10 Magna Versus Hyundai I10 Era

Hyundai i10 is a cute looking hatchback, available with roomy interiors and stylish exteriors. At present, it is giving unbeatable performance on the roads of India, with specifications designed as per contemporary requirements. Hyundai i10 is available in numerous variants, each giving a different look and taste, including Hyundai i10 Era, D-lite, Magna, Sportz and Asta.

Pointers in Retouching Your Car Paint

As a vehicle owner, you will surely want your car to look new every day. Even the tiny scratches can be an eyesore. A repaint job may be too expensive so it is practical to simply do the repainting.

Eeek! Fire in the Footwell

One of the dangers of welding car bodywork on your own is that you have no one on fire watch duty. So, if you become involved in your reconstruction work it is so easy to forget to regularly break off from your task and do a check on the other side of the welding area. MY STORY BEGINS with me investigating a couple of bubbles in the under seal, on the foot well on the drivers side, with a screwdriver.

Why Is My Car Engine Overheating?

If your car engine starts overheating, it could result in serious and expensive damage to the engine and your car needs to be serviced immediately. There are several reasons that your car may be overheating.

Upcoming Cars In 2013

From small segments to HUV, B+ to Sedan, there is no shortage of upcoming cars in 2013. Depending on your budget and requirements, you can go through the collection of upcoming diesel cars in India. Yes, while some will have dated looks, others do have low ground clearance. Some of the cars have gearbox issues while mileage is an impediment in others. That doesn’t however mean that there is a paucity of options.

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