Lexus RC F Vs Mustang GT.. A Not-So-Weird Match Up

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Shelby Cobra – The Best Car For The Speed Lovers

Nowadays, everyone desires to have those accessories with the help of which they can enhance their prestige and can show off their lavishness. To make it true, individuals spend and invest a lot of their valuable money but only few of them make the correct use of their bucks. There are number of accessories which can make you feel different and unique.

The Bentley Arnage

During the same period in which the company’s history was marked with the rather messy takeover by its present owners, Volkswagen Group, the unveiling of the first Bentley Arnage turned the world’s attention back to why Bentley Motors Limited had never ceased to enjoy a distinct place in the world’s carmaking industry as a whole. Between the years of 1998 to 2009, despite crticial reception earlier in the Arnage brand’s production, Bentley only seemed to further its place in the creation of some of the most luxurious cars, each of which always regarded as being one that was ahead of…

Muscle Cars And an Automotive Blog

Automobiles have been an exciting adventure for those who are interested in all phases of their construction, from their origin to what makes one especially unique. This includes things such as car restoration, classic cars and muscle cars. Every day something new is revealed about these cars or one that was thought gone forever is found. This information can be found on an automotive blog.

Bentley Convertible – The Bentley Arnage

Right from its creation in 1919, Bentley Motors Limited has committed to producing luxurious cars that shall count among the best and the fastest ever to be built. Almost eighty years later, a new addition – the Bentley Arnage – brought such accolade to the brand that, to this day, still stands. The Bentley Arnage was in production between 1998 to 2009 and was unveiled at the same time as the Rolls-Royce Silver Seraph.

Gone in 60 Seconds – The Eleanor Mustang Exposed

Nicholas Cage brought the legend, ‘The Eleanor Mustang’, back to life. But this car became an instant hit a long time before the movie back in 1967. Partly due to her ample grunt and partly due to her legendary founder.

How Are Sports Cars Different From Normal Cars?

Cars are not all the same; there are important differences that one must take into consideration when purchasing a new vehicle in order to make sure that one chooses the right car. People often choose sport cars due to the recent publicity that these vehicles have obtained as a result of famous racing events, but they are not always practical.

Audi A4 – The Most Popular Car in Germany

Audi has always been situated somewhere between the comfort of Mercedes and BMW sportiveness, respecting this tradition until now. Audi A4 is presented with a simple exterior design, considered a sign of elegance, and with an interior that looks like a simplified aircraft cabin. Even if it seems that we cannot say too much about it, the body hides many innovative technologies.

Reasons to Buy a Used Peugeot

Peugeot has been one of the nation’s favourite car manufacturers for years. The reasons for that are simple. Peugeot cars represent great value for money and great build quality – and with a number of recognised official dealers all over the country, they are also very easy to get hold of and maintain properly.

Rat Rod Brakes: Do You Want To Stop or Do You Want To STOP?

You love the look of your Rat Rod and although stopping is not a huge issue, it should be of some concern. Here are some things to take into consideration when building your brakes for your ride.

How to Keep Your Rat Rod Cool

You spend all winter working on your Rat Rod project, and now the weather is starting to break and the warmer weather is upon us. Here’s the scenario: a beautiful hot day, out cruising in your Rat Rod and pop, the car overheats!

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