Lexus LX 600 vs Lexus LX 570.. Is New Really Better?

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Infuse A Bit Of Fun In Your Life With Rally Driving!

It is an adventure sport that is popular all over the world. Countries which offer such rally driving experiences to people have frequent foreign visitors who want to have their dose of fun.

Rally Driving: The Most Amazing and Thrilling Motor Sport

Rally dates back to its history to 1905 when it originated in Monte Carlo. It has become the most sought after adventure motor sport among other adventure sports. It is one of the motor sports that have many fans and followers all over the world.

Some Little Known Impala Facts

From the Camaro to the Chevelle and the Impala, Chevrolet had manufactured some of the most significant muscle cars of the 60s. While it is difficult to say which of these models is the most popular among car enthusiasts, it is not out of the question to say that the Impala was one of Chevy’s most popular models.

The Mercury Montego

Legend has it, the Mercury Montego got its name from Montego Bay, Jamaica. It was first introduced in the late 60s as a substitute for the famous Mercury Comet and was meant to compete with the increasing number of imported cars. These Mercury coupes and sedans were larger in build compared to the Comet and provided better performance and luxury alternatives. The Cyclone edition was the entry of the division in the then-famous muscle car segment.

How Do You Feel About New Muscle Cars?

If you think that muscle cars are things of the past, especially ones manufactured during the 60s and 70s, then you would be quite surprised to find out that these are still very much popular with today’s youth. There are actually newer models with futuristic appeal that are loved by many enthusiasts, but the passion for the classic models is still very much alive.

What To Look For When Buying Muscle Cars

Muscle cars are undoubtedly the perfect vehicles to collect. Still penetrating the market despite the proliferation of several rival car breeds, these vintage cars are the epitome of elegance and power. In addition, these cars have become extremely popular, mainly because of their rarity and eye-catching good looks.

The Plymouth Barracuda Origins

Cars have very funny names. You may or may not have noticed it yet but most cars were named after him a creature. There are jaguars, cobras, and know, a weird sea creature called barracuda. Chrysler could have thought of other names but still, they preferred to stick with what worked.

Austin Healey Sprite

The Austin Healey Sprite Mark III AN8 started rolling off the production line in March of 1964 and continued until October of 1966. This is the version of the most loved Austin Healey that saw the greatest number of changes to enhance the driver’s experience.

New Parts on Classic American Cars – The Dispute

There is no arguing in that the muscle cars are an important part of the automobile history in the USA and they have become an icon for the country. Many years have passed since they were firstly manufactured and although most of them have disappeared, we can still see some of the models restored and used as a primary car. The beauty of such cars is that they look quite different from what a normal car looks nowadays.

1957 Cadillac Eldorado Biarritz

The 1957 Cadillac Eldorado Biarritz, a convertible, mated beauty, style and power in a premium automobile. General Motors first introduced the Eldorado model as part of the Cadillac line in 1953. The name, Eldorado, was proposed for the new car model after an in-company competition was won by a secretary from the company’s marketing department. The Eldorado was to be a feature for Cadillac as they were celebrating their golden anniversary in 1952. The name, Eldorado, stems from the Spanish words “el dorado” which mean “the golden one”. The 1957 Cadillac Eldorado Biarritz was golden for General Motors as the 1957 model was one of the most memorable designs.

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