Farewell to V8 Mopars #shorts

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Why Vintage Car Shows Are So Popular

There are all kinds of car shows all over the world and there are only a few car shows that actually make a car show about vintage old cars. So if you want to go to one of these types of car shows then you need to get online and find out where these car shows are located.

Should You Buy a Classic Car?

With in the influx of new and better cars today, classic vintage cars are slowly increasing in value. This is why a lot of people are looking into buying one, imitating one, or resurrecting one. However, classic cars don’t really impress everybody.

Owning a Classic Car – The Basics

Owning a classic car is a dream for many people. It can however be a costly and time consuming hobby. Classic car ownership has many subtle differences to owning a regular vehicle and so potential buyers should take their time before making their purchase.

Classic Car Project Nomad #6

I needed to get the Nomad over to Forrestville so that Mark and the team at Safety Service Centre could pull the engine and gearbox. We turn up at Forrestville three hours late and I’ve just blown off the entire day for the price of a beer. I don’t know how many times I have made a choice on price and then in hindsight ask myself what was I thinking.

The 1967 Camaro – A Legendary Classic Car

It is my opinion that the 1967 Camaro is one of the finest muscle cars ever built. It is simply a work of art, an awesome piece of machinery, and a big old slice of Americana.

Thunderbird Classic Cars

What’s better than cruising with your very best girl on a Saturday night? Cruising in a Ford Thunderbird classic car, that’s what. T-Birds first appeared in 1955, (the same year Disneyland opened its doors), and they have been going strong ever since. Those first Thunderbirds were small, classically designed sports cars that oozed style and speed at the same time.

Classic Car Auction – Tips in Finding Areas Where an Auction For Classic Cars is Coming Up

If you are searching for classic cars, then it is helpful to get ideas on finding a possible location where there is a classic car auction coming up. It is a fact that there are enthusiasts who are more attracted to buying old cars than new ones. Others even make it a hobby to go to such auctions. Likewise, some of them do have a wide collection of old-aged vehicles.

A Beatles Vintage Car Gets Shipped to the Auction Block

A vehicle transport company specializes in shipping vintage cars to vintage car rallies and auctions across the nation and around the globe. The caliber of vehicle being transported is tremendously high, so custom shipping methods are used to protect the integrity of the mechanical functions and body.

Classic Car Auction is a Memorable Event For Car Enthusiasts

Many people find that the sight of a restored vintage car rolling along the highway, with a fresh coat of shimmering paint and chrome accents gleaming in the sun, brings a huge smile to their face as they recall wonderful memories of earlier times. For people who appreciate the workmanship and attention that goes into bringing these beauties back to life, a classic car auction might be a memorable event that could even tempt one to start bidding so that they can claim the classic collectible for themselves.

Vintage 1960s Pontiac Cars

The Tempest was one of Pontiac’s first attempts at a compact car, which were just becoming popular in the early 1960s. It was actually based on the ill-fated Chevy Corvair, the rear engine air-cooled engine car that became one of Chevy’s worst cars in history.

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