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Repairing Classic Cars During Your Retirement: The Perfect Hobby

For some, facing retirement is a stage of the life that is wrought with an impending sense of anxiety. Suddenly you find yourself with a lot more time on your hands and a lot of confusion over what you should be doing with it. This is the perfect time to consider getting into a hobby that perhaps you never had time for before.

Classic Cars: How to Avoid Winter Storage Issues

Owning a classic car can be a very rewarding experience. The envious looks of others as you take to the roads on warm summers days is almost a joy to behold. Owners of classic cars will certainly concur that there is something very special about being a member of this exclusive club.

The Mercedes Benz Wheels – Down Through The Ages

The multinational division of German manufacturer Daimler AG is known as Mercedes Benz. Apart from being a high end luxury automobile brand, it also manufactures buses, trucks and coaches.

Wedding Car Hire – How to Ensure That Your Wedding Day Is a Unique and Special Occasion

Choosing your wedding transport can help make the special day much more memorable. The car chosen can go a long way in making a statement and stamping the couple’s personality on the day.

The Birth of American Muscle

The birth of the American Muscle Car came about after the gradual decline of the souped-up Model T’s and A’s of the hot rodding generation. The former hot rodders grew up and started shifting their priorities over from taking apart and rebuilding hot rods to providing for their families and working at advancing in their careers.

Rat Rods: The Hot Rod World’s Frankenstein

You’ve probably heard of “rat rods” or “rat rodding” or “rat rodders” before – but do you actually know what it means? To understand anything fully you’d have to go back to the beginning and for these unique vehicles, that means looking at their predecessors – the hot rods.

What Is the Deal With the Ferrari?

After the interruption caused by circumstances beyond his control, Enzo Ferrari was keen to get started on putting his ideas into practice. So his first plans after the war, when the company was still called Auto Avio Costruzione, were to build a range of Ferrari sports cars, sports racing cars, and even Grand Prix cars, because whatever else Ferrari may have been short of in 1945, he had ambition in abundance. In 1946 he announced his plans, and in March 1947 he showed the first car finally to bear his own name – the Ferrari 125.

Salvage Car Auctions

There are different types of auctions and certain types of cars up out there for bidding. However, have you heard or have you ever tried participating in salvage car auctions?

Purchasing Cars From Police Car Auctions

If you are in need of a car but with a tight budget, you may want to try checking out the latest police car auctions. No, the cars up for grabs here are not laden with bullets or smashed windows.

Participating in Car Auctions Online

If you are in need of a vehicle, maybe a car or truck, instead of checking other car sale methods, you may want to check out a car auction online. They have the cars that you need at very low prices. Auctioning Cars Americans need a car to get by on their everyday lives.

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