Best New Cars Under 20k

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Classic Chevy – 1970 Monte Carlo

A classic Chevy in the traditional sense will indeed cover a lot of bases. But there is a favored classic Chevy of yesteryear that is worth remembering and that was the introduction of the 1970 Monte Carlo.

1973 – The Last Year of the Cool Mustang?

Certainly many people thought so at the time but now that 2005 has come and gone most will agree that we haven’t seen the last of the “cool” Mustang. But in 1973 many Mustang enthusiasts were disappointed that Ford at put the Mustang II on the drawing table for 1974. So, one last year to live in the classic Mustang muscle car.

Forming Your Own Classic Car Club

Like people with other hobbies, many car aficionados would love the opportunity to get together with others who enjoy the same interest that they do. And, in the age of the Internet, forming a classic car club is easier than ever.

Some Historic Facts About Cars

Nowadays almost all of us own at least one car or consider vehicle leasing when we go out of town for holidays or for other reasons. But things didn’t always stay like this, since automobiles have been invented quite recently in the history of human kind.

What In The World Is Wrong At Toyota?

Despite a 50 year meteoric rise in financial fortune and reputation, Toyota has recently hit a reputational rough patch. Why the problems with Toyota go well beyond a few isolated cases of unintended acceleration.

DS3 Test Citroen 1.6 THP 150 Hp

Formula for success The advertising slogan for this model focuses on one word “antiretro”, this means that when developing the DS3 have preferred a fresh start and do not draw on any model of the past to no limitations are imposed, a very successful for make optimum use of space. But to name this new series, chose the name of one of our most distinguished of its past: the Citroen DS, known as Shark in Spain and launched in 1955. Leaving aside this small advertising minor contradiction, these two letters are the beginning of a new series of models…

Classic Car Pricing

The worthiness of the classic car is decided not only by its type. There are also other factors that influence the prices which could make the difference from a reasonable cost along with a not so attractive price. The dilemma comes with the territory for both buyers and sellers. That’s why either you choose to purchase a classic car or recycle for cash one you ought to have a concept of the way a classic car’s value is estimated.

Fast, Easy To Use Car Cover

The weather is undoubtedly cold. No one wants to spend any more time outdoors than necessary. The question is what to do, as you need to cover you car, but it seems to take so long! Find the ideal solution.

What to Look for When Buying an Austin Healey

The Austin Healey is a classic vintage & for those who are into classics, the hardcore classic lovers. So if you are not into classics it’s better to take a test ride probably at a rent a car place to find out if this is for you. But always there is a problem while buying classics. It’s the condition of the ride. Mostly if the car is for sale it will or should be refurbished or reconstructed from an older scrap or used model. Go through the various cars at Austin Healey for sale.

BMW 760i

After the great success of the two world record vehicles G-POWER M5 HURRICANE RS and G-POWER M6 HURRICANE CS that were with your 750 horsepower 5.0L V10 bi-compressor engine only as a complete car on the G-POWER manufacturing company to refer to the are so-called “G-POWER Super Cars” in the future an integral part of the G-POWER program. The G-POWER manufacturer is a rapidly growing division of G-POWER, in which all custom-made complete vehicles, the so-called “G-POWER Super Cars”, are established as an integral part of the G-POWER program to complete by hand.

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