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Redesigning the Cadillac Logo

The year was 1998, Cadillac started making “art and science,” a new design language, for its models. They called on the services of Anne-Marie La Verge-Webb, a graphic designer in the corporate and brand identity group for GM, to redesign the Cadillac emblem. The aim of the new design theme was to combine hints of high technology and elegance using faceted shapes. La Verge-Webb drew inspiration from a stealth fighter and gemstones.

Some Things to Check When Choosing a Hatchback Car

With a timeless design that has been popular since the 1930s, the hatchback model is perfectly engineered and robustly built. The hatchback model offers the perfect mix of passenger and cargo space with a sloping boot.

On Site Spraying at Home

No matter how well you take care of your car, eventually the paint will fade. Fortunately, it takes a long time before a factory paint job actually begins to peel. It might take a decade or more if the car is properly maintained. However, there is really only one way to restore a new car and give it that showroom shine, and that is to get a custom paint job.

The Making of a Classic – The VW Golf

It is the most produced model of car in the world. It has spanned and defined generations. In Great Britain it has achieved something beyond cult status. As a great writer once said, Greatness is when everywhere before you becomes obsolete, and everything after you bares your mark. By this line the Volkswagen Golf has achieved greatness and much more.

Keeping Classic Corvettes in Mint Condition

Chevy Corvettes look great rolling off the showroom floor but if you plan on keeping your prized possession in mint condition consider keeping it stored away in a well-ventilated garage or have a regular maintenance schedule to buff, adjust and polish your Corvette so it stays looking brand new. This will not only help the performance of the car but will also help out a lot should the day come when you plan to sell your Corvette.

4 Tips For Choosing A Muscle Car

Muscle cars come in virtually all designs and sizes. That’s what makes choosing a single car for purchase extremely difficult. It may even be trickier if you are not certain on the specific features you may want present in your car

Buying Genuine Corvette Gifts

If there’s someone on your gift list who lives and dies for the American sports car classic Corvette then consider giving him or her a gift they will really enjoy with genuine Chevy Corvette gifts. Inspiring, powerful and defining the Corvette has graced the American landscape since the early 1950’s and now everyone can celebrate the rich heritage with genuine Corvette apparel, interior and exterior parts, jewelry and many other fine car parts and accessories that make for great gift ideas.

The AMC SC 360 Had High Hopes

Remember the days when all muscle cars were tagged by the government for having high emissions? This truly affected the way many manufactures were able to produce these cars. The goal of the government was geared towards a healthier and greener environment. So what AMC did was come up with a hybrid muscle car. This concept served them well since their sales rocketed compared with the Ford, Chrysler and Chevrolet models that were manufactured before it.

Maruti Suzuki – A Star Vxi Car

India comes home in a Maruti’ is the tag line of the latest advertisement going on air for Maruti cars. Truly enough, Maruti in collaboration with Suzuki has been giving out a number of cars made for the average Indian customer aspiring for an efficient, family vehicle.

Getting Started With Your Restoration Project

When starting a restoration project, we all want to end up with the best restored finished automobile possible. But not many of us have an endless supply of money to pour into our project. So, with a limited budget, where do you start?

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