2023 Lexus RZ450e…Finally, An EV That’s Worth It

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Three Mean Cars to Burn the Streets

Human beings came a long way from their primitive days engaged in walking in the forests, to later days of riding animals, to the current one where they drive motor vehicles to all parts of the globe and even beyond it at extremely high speeds. Cars play a significant part in helping them travel to various destinations of their life that they are required to travel on a regular basis. Most people in the developed world prefer to drive their own vehicles to travel to their work places, places of worship, shopping arcades, vacation trips,…

C4 Corvette, Caring For Your Acrylic Targa Roof

The C4 Corvette Acrylic Targa Removable Roof requires special care to keep it looking good and scratch free. This article covers scratch removal, washing the roof, protecting the roof and maintenance.

Vehicle Registration – Replacing Lost Documents in California

When it comes to purchasing vehicles, it’s important to make sure we have all the necessary documents to complete the transaction when it comes time to register our vehicle with the local DMV. Although there are a number of documents and methods used to replace lost and or damaged documents, I’ll cover some of the most common.

A Brief Guide for Getting Your Land Rover Serviced

Land Rovers are special cars. They are well known for its power packed performance and style. It needs special care to maintain its performance. So you should choose a good service station and get your vehicle serviced periodically.

Various Aspects of Leasing a Car

Leasing a car is one of the latest developments in the field of sales of automobiles. Unfortunately it is also one of the most confusing concepts. Often people mistake lease prices of a car for its buying price.

A Used Jaguar XF Ticks All the Boxes

Buying a quality used car can be something of a headache. What should you buy to get the best value for money, but also the most luxurious, despite being second hand?

Land Rover Offerings This Season

Land Rovers are nifty choices when you want reliable and good looking vehicles to take with you when you are cross-country travelling with your family and friends. Get one of the new models right away and experience power and practicality with New Land Rovers cars available today.

Are Classic Cars a ‘Green’ Alternative?

It’s very difficult these days to convince somebody of the environmental merits of driving a classic car if they are clouded by the ‘green’ marketing spin that most car manufacturers drape over their products. When the internal combustion engine was conceived, it paid no mind to sensors, engine management systems or complex monitoring to extract every last chink of power from every precious drop of fuel. Prior to the fuel crisis of the seventies our focus was on aesthetics and power rather than environmental conscience. It is in no doubt that the sports cars of today do a fantastic job of blending performance with economy however when we start looking in to the cost of production not only financially but ecologically, it starts to paint a rather different story.

A Guide to Finding the Best Repair Parts

Whether you are in need of new track shoes or sprockets, you will want to make sure that you have a good store from where to buy all of your repair parts. There are a wide variety of machines and heavy moving equipment that will break down or require repairs at some point in time, and even if you spend a very long time trying to find the very best quality equipment there is always the off chance that you will need to have it fixed eventually.

6 Easy Steps to Balance Ion Alloy Wheel Tires

Properly balanced wheels are an essential part of the driving experience. You can choose to have them balanced by a professional or you can balance them from home. In this article I give you some simple steps to follow when balancing your wheels from the comfort of your home.

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