2023 Lexus LX 600.. Changes & Updates?

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Classic Car Project Nomad #2

The good thing about a lot of old American cars is there is a thriving after market for spare parts. Second hand items can be found on eBay, Hemmings and other sites, NOS (new old stock) parts come up occasionally and there are many companies providing reproduction parts made in the USA and Asia.

Sending Your Vintage Car Where You Need It, When You Need It – A Guide

Several automobile enthusiasts have one possession they prize above all others: their vintage car. Hours are spent washing it by hand, maintaining it’s pristine condition, and generous amounts of money are spent to keep the car looking it’s best.

Classic Car Buying Tips

Guys who buy classic cars face two challenges: these cars are often purchased sight unseen from someone halfway across the state or across the country, and the money outlay for classic cars can be great while the warranties and guarantees are scanty. This is not like buying a new car, where you get to test ride it and get lots of warranties from a dealer who is practically sweating for you to take a car off the lot.

Classic Car Project Nomad #1

Over the years I have had plenty of cars and a lot of them, had I kept them, would be classics today. This leads to the question, what sort of project car should I choose? I’ve had some nice European cars in the past, the Japanese cars that appeal are reliable and relatively easy to source parts for and of course there is a multitude of choice if you think American.

Classic Car Storage For Classic Condition

Do you have a couple of classic car projects you don’t want to sit out on the curb? Learn the proper way to store your cards in an storage unit to keep them looking like new and running like they just rolled off the show room.

Classic Car Parts

Do you remember your fist car? Or maybe a friend’s car in high school that was spectacular? That classic car you used to own can be found once again, thanks to the power of the Internet and online reproduction manufacturers.

It’s a Doozie – The History of the Duisenberg Automobile Classic Motor Car

It can be said that many of the greatest things in life start off with humble beginnings. So is it with the Duisenberg Motor car. You may have heard the expression off times – “That’s a Doozie” or “It’s a Doozie”. These are all references to a great car and car automaker of renown – the Duisenberg.

How To Find Classic Car Auctions

If you love cars and have been dreaming of getting a classic, then you should look into car auctions. Classic car auctions allow anyone to own that 67′ Mustang or 1950s Chevy Corvette much easier then purchasing it from an individual owner. Whatever kind of classic car you want, it can be found in classic car auctions around the country.

A True Classic Car Lover – American Classic Cars

I love the American classic cars, and it doesn’t much matter what the car is as long as it was built in the USA, I do tend to like muscle cars a bit better then just regular American classics, the classic cars had such a stylish and classy look to them, and they didn’t all look the same, the cars today are more plain and drab. There is nothing like the feeling of driving a true American muscle car, from the moment you fire the engine up, your blood begins to pump, you feel like a gorilla…

Top Places To Look For Cheap Classic Cars

Classic cars may be expensive when they are fully restored, but you can still find cheap ones if you know where to look. Online auctions, online classifieds, second-hand car shops, and junkyards are just some of the places where you can see classic cars for sale.

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