2023 Lexus LC 500 F Sport? NOT A CHANCE

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Japanese Car Exporters – The Best Way to Find Japanese Car Exporters Online

It’s becoming ever popular to import cars from Japanese car exporters over the the past few years. The true reason for the rise in popularity of importing Japanese cars is the cheap price and easy availability. Middle class’s dream of owning a car can come true with the cheap Japan cars.

Busting Myths About Tires

People may know a lot about Cars but when it comes to tires, it’s a big zero. Today we will be busting some myths about tires…

Why The Charger Was a 60s Icon

The mid-1960’s were certainly a great time for muscle cars as the public seemed to be fully under the spell of these truly wicked vehicles. Back in those days, faster, bigger and meaner was the era’s mantra when it came to cars. The year was 1966 and the automobile market was dominated by classics such as the Ford Mustang and the Plymouth Barracuda. Out of the fierce competition in between some of the biggest names in automobile manufacturing came the 1966 Dodge Charger, which was designed to be a powerhouse with its 318 V-8 power plant in its base models.

The True American Classic – The Fairlane

Muscle cars are a true American classic. They have an undeniable appeal that goes beyond whatever trends there might be when it comes to vehicle design. These cars are as wicked as they look and are fully capable of racing through open roads at speeds like no other. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the 1964 Ford Fairlane and the changes it went through since its initial release.

The Ford Thunderbolt

Ever since the Ford Motor Company released the 1964 Ford Thunderbolt, it was a surprise to many that their production only continued for over a year. All told there were only about 100 units of these cars ever produced. The Thunderbolt had a four-speed transmission and it was an automatic. It is of common knowledge that most automobiles in America at this time were automatic since the stick shift had low preference value. This was because driving a stick shift back then, was seen as a harder way to drive.

The Impala – A Car For Young Men

What makes muscle cars so great that they can transcend trends and generations in order to remain at the top when it comes to being the most coveted cars out there? Is it the way they look and their powerful engines? Let’s take a closer look, shall we?

What Type Of Car Would You Want To Drive?

Cars are often used by people as a means of transportation. It has been used for quite some time now from the year 1600s. As the years evolved newly invented cars are being manufactured for better performance and style. Since cars are commonly used for people on the go whether for work, school, business, or leisure it has always had a significant role in terms of commuting. Not only does it saves us time but also gives us comfort when riding. Nowadays, a lot of varieties on cars have been made for the consumers to choose from. There are cars, which are suitable for your everyday needs.

Remember The Ford Mustang Of Yesterday!

It was also known as “The Pony”, “The Mustang” or referred to time to “Pony Up”. There were songs the mustang. Remember Mustang Sally or Wild, Wild Mustang. In 1964, Ford Motors introduced the Ford Mustang at an unbelievable low price at that time for a high speed performance muscle car. The coup and convertible generated a ton of excitement.

Cheap Hood Ornaments – Where to Find Good Deals

There are lots of places to find cheap hood ornaments for your car, truck or big rig. Finding good deals on inexpensive hood ornament is not hard. If you are a cheapskate or just a bargain hunter, read on to find where to find good deals on cheap chrome hood gems.

1967-68 Mercury Cougar XR7

Envisioned to be a car of elegance, luxury and class, the 1967-68 Mercury Cougar XR7 was purposed to be a complement to the Ford Mustang eventually evolving into a highly styled car that was affordable. The 1967-’68 Cougar XR-7 was largely based on the refaced ’67 Mustang. It only came in a single body, though, which was a two door hardtop notchback.

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