2023 Lexus IS 350 & IS 500 Changes.. Last of its Kind

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Reasons To Take Advanced Driving Course

Modern day driving schools offer this kind of advanced driving course that will offer beneficial lessons. These lessons are very crucial while driving on extreme conditions. The instructors love this profession and they would be glad to help you on all occasions.

The Stories Behind Car Logos

Here, we present the not-so-well-known stories behind some of these well-known logos, in no particular order. We have intentionally not included logos that are self-explanatory, such as those that include the name (or initial) of the brand – Ford, Honda, etc.

Lowriders for Sale – All That You Need to Know

Lowrider is that car which is low – but this is not all it has, there is a lot more to learn about these cars. These are actually those cars and trucks which are from the 1950’s and are modified in such a way that they become low to the ground.

Buyer’s Guide to Three Used Car Warranties Available Today

Cars are a fairly significant and important purchasing decision…even when you get an amazing bargain on a used car in Melbourne! Having a warranty on your used car is a vital part of the buying decision for many, and there is often confusion about the types of warranties which can be applicable. Today we answer some of the most common queries about car’s city warranties.

6 Of the Safest Models of Cars Available Today

There’s no question that driving is dangerous. Every year thousands of people are killed on our roads… and many of those were the simple victims of another person’s mistake. In a crash situation, the innate characteristics of your car can be the difference between health and serious injury – or more. Safety and value in your Melbourne used car are certainly not incompatible – today we look at the safest models to get you around this car city.

Limousine Services – The Best Way To Travel Around Town

After hours of flying, layovers, having to hunt down your baggage, possible delays, and the headache of getting through security on time, just about everyone is exhausted with airports. Gain relief with limousine services.

Car Names – Rebranding Models

If you consider yourself a car expert who can recognize one from a distance of half a mile, you may be in for a surprise the next time you visit a different country. The Chevrolet Optra you own may turn out to have quite a different name in Australia – Holden Viva, as a matter of fact. Move several thousand miles from Down Under to Far East and the same car is the Buick Excelle in China.

Mahindra Xylo – Stylish and Powerful

This Mahindra vehicle is available in several variants; E4, E6, E8, E8 ABS and D2 (BS III). Except D2, all the other variants are equipped with a 2.5-litre engine. It is a 4-cylinder, turbocharged diesel m-Eagle CRDe engine.

The Unveiling of the Jaguar XKE

The Unveiling of the Jaguar XKE in March 1961 had a tremendous effect on all who admired it for the first time and it cost only half the price of a Ferrari or Aston Martin! Supplied with the well tested XK engine that boosted 265hp! Definitely, one of the most beautiful cars ever made in the history of automobiles, and with an engine with the immense capacity to thrust the car to over 240 km/h. Gorgeous lines with a sporty engine and excellent road performance at the time, all together for half of the price of a Ferrari or an Aston Martin! This is truly one amazing feat by the Jaguar XKE in 1961 and still unbeaten till this day!

Turbo Kits – The Most Efficient Thing for Your Car

The first question which comes in one’s mind before buying a Turbo kit is what exactly this kit is? It allow you to increase the horsepower of the car engine. The main function of a Turbo kit is to boost up the power of the engine by sending compressed air into the engine.

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