2023 Genesis G90 vs Lexus LS 500

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Top Three Hatchbacks In The World

Automotive industry of the world is growing day by day and many companies are launching new cars to provide best feature to their customers. In the race of top car all automobile companies are struggling and try to leave behind others.

Five Things to Look For Buying an Antique Car

It may be difficult to believe that the car your family owned while you were young could be classified as an antique now. The Volkswagen bugs of the 70s, those long, bread-loaf shaped vans, and the muscle cars preferred by the Starskys and Hutches of the world are now considered vintage treasures. Seems like yesterday we played in the back seat, and collected replica Hot Wheels models of them!

Revealing The Fastest Car In The World

Whenever you think about the fastest car in the world, Bugatti may be the name appearing in your mind, but the fact is Volkswagen was the name that played vital role in keeping the company alive. Once you experience Bugatti Veyron, you may not be inclined to accept that there could be any other car faster than this. Fairly speaking, the car is ‘second to none’ is speed is the concern.

Pimpin Out The Legendary 1970 Plymouth GTX

The very basic 1968 body of the Plymouth was uplifted with new front and rear designs for the 1970 model. This would prove to be a resounding success for the Plymouth GTX. The new modifications on styling included, a new hood, quarter panels, front fenders, new grille and non-functional air scoops in the rear. There was also an air grabber option that was changed with this year model to increase the functionality and efficiency of the vehicle and provide an intimidation factor.

Selecting Mustang Parts

A Mustang is one of the most affordable cars to own and it is very popular because it offers great performance and it looks great. This car has evolved over the years and most cars have a lot of modifications, therefore you need to choose the parts wisely. You need to be careful when purchasing Mustang parts and this requires the right knowledge.

Easy Muscle Car Maintenance Tips

Owning a muscle car isn’t all testosterone filled road trips, like with all other cars they also need maintenance. And in some cases they need more frequent and extensive maintenance work than your regular car. Even though they’re known as powerful cars and are deemed to be much tougher than other cars out there, they still need maintenance for them to remain in peak condition.

Being A Muscle Car Admirer

Today I am finding that more and more people are becoming interested in muscle cars. Over the last 15 to 20 years interest in these types of cars has really exploded. Whether it is a case of nostalgia, or simply a new generation of people who appreciate these beautiful machines, the appeal to these cars is undeniable.

Muscle Car History – How It All Began

Have you ever wondered about the history of muscle cars and how it all began? Well, in this article, we’ll take a closer look at the events that spurned the start of the public’s love for these iconic vehicles.

The Social Aspect of Muscle Cars

Muscle cars were ordinary vehicles with extraordinary engines. Despite the various shapes and sizes they sported, they still managed to perform very well in races and car events. In the early 60s and 70s, these cars rocked the scene together with Farah Fawcett’s booming career. Up to this day, however, these cars are not yet forgotten.

Famous Cars of the ’50s

When you think of cars, the flashy cars tend to stick out but the beauty of the cars from the ’50s are well worth looking into. From Chevrolet to the Cadillacs, each one has a story to tell.

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