2023 G90 Doors Close Like a Rolls Royce #shorts

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7 Reasons Why Classic Cars Are Better Than New Ones

The start of 2008 brought great pleasure for those closely watch the motoring industry – and especially those settle to nothing but a super car. First, through the internet and email I received a picture of a garden shed on wheels- with a clever fake press release heralding the launch of the new Daewood car. This looked quite funny.

Classic Car Vibration Diagnosis Part 1 – The Three Types of Driveline Vibration

Driveline vibrations can be broken down into three different categories. A vibration is either engine speed related, vehicle speed related, or engine load related. Determining which kind of vibration you have will help you determine which components to look at first.

Classic Car Vibration Diagnosis – Part 2 – Tips and Tricks

Driveline vibrations can be tricky to diagnose, because you can’t get under the car and see what is going on while it is driving down the road at 60 MPH! You have to take your time, pay attention to what is actually happening with the car, and think it through. Consider the car’s history, and throw all assumptions out the window.

Tips For Collecting Classic Cars

You’ve always wanted that model T Ford but been afraid to take the plunge. How do you know you are not getting ripped off when you buy a classic car? Here are a few basic tips to get you on the road to collecting classic cars. Keep in mind that classic cars are essentially second hand cars so you don’t rush into a deal.

The HK Holden Kingswood Proves Itself to Be a Dinky Dye Classic Holden Car

In 1968 a most ambitious ‘new generation’ series of motor vehicle production commenced at GM-Holden in Australia, with the release of the ‘Kingswood’ series of Holden Cars. The first in this highly successful series range was the HK Kingswood, and unknowingly, Holden was about to launch onto the Australian car market, a car that would go on to be one of the best investments any car buyer would make to date. It was to become a remarkable piece of social climbing just to own an HK Holden Kingswood.

Portable Air Conditioner For Classic Cars

A lot of people love classic cars. The old school aura, unique design, and the joy and pride of using a well-maintained — completely original — classic car for daily use are definitely priceless. The problem is, not all classic cars have built-in air conditioner. Of course, you can install new air conditioner set but that would make the car no longer authentic.

Is There a Vintage Car in Your Future?

They say they don’t make them like they used to. That may be true, but to the thousands of America’s car collectors, that is fine with them. They enjoy taking care of their vintage cars; rolling treasures of automotive history.

Classic Cars History and Popularity

It is astounding that vehicles that were little more than experiments of their time are now so in favor as to be great investment opportunities. Owning and operating such a vehicle is challenging but the pleasure the owners exude demonstrates that it is all very much worthwhile.

How to Get Your Classic Car Into Great Shape For a Parade

Every city has its own parade. And in a parade, cars are mandatory. When you have a parade to participate with your own classic car, these are the things you will need to know.

Secrets For Maximizing Value When Investing in Classic Cars

How do you want to do your investment? Are you interested in investing in classic cars? Do you often see people who have classic cars and wonder how they can keep their investment without loosing it in the process? The following tips will greatly help you maximize value when investing in classic cars.

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