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Clement-Bayard: The Chevalier’s Roadster

An automobile named after its manufacturer is to be expected. But this little car was named for its maker, who in turn named himself after a famous knight from the age of chivalry. And he did it for legal reasons. Why?

Who Built the First V-8 Engine?

Among the most familiar of engine configurations is the V-8. Untold millions of units have been produced over the past century of the automobile. So it begs the question: who built the first V-8 engined car intended for production, and when? The answer will surprise.

Important Performance Chips for Your Car

Power chips and superchargers are two important performance chips that greatly enhance the power of the car. You can get them installed quite easily with the help from the experts.

The Death of a Friend and the Birth of the Electric Self-Starter – 1912 Cadillac

We can now celebrate 100 years of self-starting cars. This is the story of how the death of a friend spurred the invention and perfection of the modern electric self-starter for automobiles.

The Hyundai Veloster, What a Car!

The 3 door Hyundai Veloster is the thinking mans sports car. It is stylish, unique and has a little bit of cheekiness about it.

Tips on Looking After Your Car

Life without a car is something most people can’t imagine these days. Not that being a vehicle owner is a mandatory social status everyone wants, but more than that owning a car helps one to lead a convenient life by largely helping to meet your travel needs with a great degree of comfort.

How You Can Get Quality Pre-Owned Cars

Pre-owned cars are normally as good as new cars. Trying to make a choice in a market full of cars can really be hard at times. The first thing that you should do when you need to get a car that was initially owned is conduct a research. This is the only way that you can be sure of the choice you are making.

How to Get Second Hand Cars: Read On

Second hand cars are cars that are used by other people and then they are put on the market for sale. There is a huge selection of them, and you need to get the best designs and type there is. You can choose any type of these cars from various places.

Personalised Number Plates and Their Benefits

Some years ago, people purchased personalised number plates just for fun and nowadays purchase of this type of number boards is becoming popular among investors, businessmen and even common people. Some youngsters wish to get hold of a personalised plate for reflecting their individuality and businessmen wish to purchase them as a means of marketing their business and some individuals are making purchase and sale of personalised plates as a business. For a person, who wishes to invest in personalised number plates, here are some useful tips: It is better to choose a number…

Car Accessory Installations

There are several accessories for cars in the market. Customizing cars have become a trend today. For some it is to add a personal touch to their car and for others just a show-off.

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