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History of the Volkswagen Camper Van

The VW Type 2 also known as the VW Camper was created almost by accident in the 1950s. In the article, we run through how it all began, how the Type 2 reach such popularity, and what the future may hold for these iconic vehicles.

How to Pick the Perfect Student Runabout

Everybody dreams of the day they’ll get the keys to their first car… from the color and the seat covers to the mirror adornments and the music they’ll be playing as they take it for its maiden spin. Back in the day if you were lucky enough to get your first runabout as a present from your folks, it would likely have been a family ‘hand-me-down’ or a cheapie found in the classifieds’ ‘cars under R20k’ section.

Classic Mustangs – A Quick Guide

Classic Mustangs are considered the best Mustangs around! However, for a more informative take on the question, classic Mustangs are simply first generation Ford Mustangs that were manufactured between the years 1964 through 1973.

How to Collect Classic Cars

All classic car devotees long to discover a treasured vehicle hiding in an old yard or at the bottom of someone’s garden: an uncovered gem just waiting to be rediscovered. It is common knowledge that when hunting for a particular brand, you will often struggle to find exactly what you’re looking for if you limit yourself to one brand. There are thousands of exciting models to be discovered, so don’t restrict your choice, be open to all possibilities.

History of the Classic Triumph TR6

The story of a vanishing classic car, the Triumph TR6. Over 34 years ago the production of this famous quintessential British Sports Car ended, but we still see these beautiful convertible roadsters on the road today, some fully restored and competing in style with any modern sports car on the market today. This is the story of the Triumph TR6, the ultimate man’s sports car.

Number Plates – Comparison Between Personalised and Vanity Plates

In the United Kingdom, vehicles use registration number as the unique identity for them. Some years back number plates for vehicles were issued by the local councils, but at present the task is being handled by the DVLA.

Protect Your Vehicle With Classic Car Storage

Many of us would absolutely love to own a classic car but owning such a vehicle entails quite a lot of responsibility. Those who are prepared to take on a classic car need to be ready to take full care of it. The actual fun of owning a beautiful vehicle lies in the maintenance and upkeep.

The Classic Car He Said He Was Afraid to Drive

The other day, I was at Starbucks and someone drove up with a classic car, it was a 59′ Stingray, and it was immaculate in every regard. Not a week had gone by in the last two years where this gentleman had not gotten an offer from someone to buy his car. He does take it to shows quite often, and he’s won numerous prizes, as it truly is that pristine. It’s so nice in fact that even when the weather is absolutely perfect, he is afraid to drive it.

Tips on Finding the Best Car Lease

If you have decided to buy a new car, you should know that there are a wide variety of different ways to finance the purchase. Most people who choose to purchase a vehicle do not want to pay for it in one full upfront payment, and instead prefer to make smaller payments over a certain amount of time. This makes it a lot easier to pay for the purchase of a new car without going broke from that initial payment that could have cost you too much to begin with.

Good Used Cars For Low Price On Classifieds

Given the current times most people are looking for used cars, mainly because they prove to be affordable. Then, arises the question: ‘How to get a good used car at best price?’ Unlike buying a new car, the advantage of purchasing a second-hand car is that you can get one without taking a loan package.

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