2022 Mazda CX-5 Turbo Signature.. Still The Best?

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BMW Spicup Convertible Coupe Auctioned for 612 K Dollars

In 1969, at the Geneva motorshow Bertone and BMW have launched the world unique Spicup Convertible Coupe Concept. This legendary classic car was preserved perfectly and recently was on display at the Villa d’Este design contest and in the BMW museum. In these circumstances is understandable that the Spicup concept generated big waves of interest when it was put up for auction by the famous auction house Bonham during a special event named “Power by BMW”. Although many might be tempted to believe that this is just a car made to be displayed, Spicup Convertible Coupe was initially meant to be a street car.

The New Porsche 911 Is Unveiled for 2012

Even since Porsche’s humble beginnings, the company has always pursued different directions that some other car manufacturers have and broke new ground in technology and design advances, which is still something Porsche continues today. The company originally was founded and established by Dr. Ferdinand Porsche, who was an Austrian automotive engineer, in 1931.

Aston Martin: A Super Cool Classic Sports Car

With our roads filled with around 32 million cars, it has never been more necessary to design a car that will guarantee to turn heads. This skill has been refined here in the UK by Aston Martin who has a proven pedigree. The company, which created iconic cars such as the DB5 and the DB9, has been declared the coolest brand in the UK for the fifth time in six years.

Categorizing Luxury Cars by Price Points

The demand for luxury cars may have slowed down in the past couple of years due to the economic downturn, but it gradually picked up when the economy started to bounce back. This goes to show that ultra expensive vehicles are still relevant despite diminishing purchasing power or declining wealth.

A Brief History of the Classic Porsche 911

The 911 has always been up there with the best when it comes to ferociously fast, 2-door sports coupe. Over the years while the exquisite styling has remained, the engine and interior have adapted and transformed into the digital age. Here is a quick look at how the car has become such a success. The first 911 was built back in 1963, it was aimed to be more powerful, bigger and more comfortable than the Porsche 356.

The Top Three Best Bentleys Ever Made, a Brief Guide

With its impeccable styling and beautiful interiors crafted from the finest materials of the earth, Bentley are in a league of their own. They are considered to be the ultimate driving machine, each vehicle oozing class and prestige. Over the years they have pushed the boundaries of luxury, with models complete with telephones, televisions and even a fridge to keep that bottle of expensive champagne crisp and cold.

Honda’s VCM: Power at No Extra Cost of Fuel

Honda established another benchmark in fuel saving technologies by re-inventing the internal combustion engine design and implementing the Variable Cylinder Management technology to deliver the most outstanding power without actually affecting the fuel economy. Combined with the brilliant i-VTEC Engine, this technology can save fuel considerably while reducing the CO2 emissions and particularly most useful during long distance traveling. This technology works according to the driving habits and conditions.

Porsce Coupe – New Porsche Carrera 911 – 991

Porsche has officially launched a new addition to its family of iconic coupes, the Porsche 911 (991) Carrera. It introduces a completely new generation to the iconic coupes Porsche is widely known and commended for since its launch in 1963. The new Porsche 911 (991) exudes the power, elegance and sophistication unique to the Porsche 911 family.

2011 Ford Mustang Vs 2010 Chevrolet Camaro: A Mom’s Review

Ford has had over 30 years to perfect the design of the 2011 Mustang and it shows. By comparison, Chevrolet stopped making the Camaro in 2002 and finally resumed production in 2010. Besides all of the refinement issues, the Mustang is 300 pounds lighter than the Camaro and has better handling, giving it an edge when it comes to speed and maneuverability. The powerful V-6 is excellent on gas mileage at 24/30 MPG considering that the engine boasts 305 HP (which is almost as powerful as previous models of the V8).

Where Do Porsches Come From?

Porsche is a German company, named after its founder, Ferdinand Porsche. He got his official start in 1933 when he developed and created a Grand Prix racecar. This car was developed for another company and did not bear the now-famous Porsche name. This particular car stood out because of the rear-engine design and was ordered by Volkswagen, who wanted to place it in its Beetle.

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