2022 Lexus NX 450h+ Plug-in Hybrid.. Pros & Cons

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Making A Choice Between Used Or New Car

Are you sure that the car you plan to select meets your need? This may appear as a very simple query however there are many aspects that might distract your attention to cars which may not meet your need when buying used cars or new cars.

1957 Chrysler 300-C

On November 29, 1956, Chrysler brought the ’57 Chrysler 300-C to market and billed it as “America’s highest-performing automobile”. It had the option of a Hemi engine that sported a horsepower of 375 to 390, much higher than many of its peer automobiles at the time.

How Can Keyless Remote Make Your Life Simpler?

We consistently try to add luxury and make life more comfortable wherever we can. How about your car? Do you have a keyless remote for your car or are you still using conventional keys. Discover how keyless remote can add comfort to your life. Read on to find out more.

Affordable Hood Ornament for Your Ride

Looking for an affordable way to beautify the hood of your car, truck, golf cart, or big rig? Don’t look far! There are numerous and affordable hood ornaments to enhance the front of your vehicle or rig without breaking the bank.

Pontiac GTO: The Classic Muscle Car

The famous Pontiac GTO has invaded the entertainment scene for a moment or two by means of movies and music. In 2002, Vin Diesel’s Triple X movie showcased a purple GTO, complete with the classic split grill front-end design and two-door component. The surf rock group, Ronny & the Daytonas even made a song out of this car that was included in the Billboard Hot 100 sometime in 1964.

Rally Driving: Get Set For An Adventure Ride!

Rally driving is different from driving on a normal race course. How? This is because of the kind of track that is being driven upon. In a rally race, the car has to drive over gravel, tarmac, mud, ice, etc.

Use Genuine Porsche Parts for All Your Porsche Models

Porsche was launched ages back and since then has been a popular car. Porsche beauties are especially known for its unique and robust design and rear engine. These cars have undergone several minor changes and have a large number of models.

Can You Repair a Classic Car?

The question should be why would you restore a classic car, not can you repair a classic car. You answer your own question, which ever way you say it, and it’s very easy to answer.

A Custom Car Can Be Fun To Build

A custom car can be a fun project, but they require a lot of time an attention to detail if you want the finished product to look great. A custom car requires that you build, or rebuild almost every vital system in the car.

21St Century Technology on Classic Muscle Cars

The 50’s and the 60’s were the start of a new era. Muscle cars had just appeared as a result of revolutionized motor companies and people were buying them as soon as they got out of the factory.

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