2022 Hyundai Tucson Quick Thoughts #shorts

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Vintage Asian Cars

The Toyota Corona vintage model was first introduced in 1957. It had all the hallmarks of the greatest luxury cars of its time. The looks and the reliability of the car are only rivaled by a few in the history. The corona due to its 960 cc engine and a heavy metallic luster became an instant hit in the West.

The History of the VW Beetle – One of the World’s Classic Cars

One of the 20th Century’s classic cars was the Volkswagen Beetle. It was in production for almost 70 years, and is the basis for so many other vehicles. And you can still find classic VW Beetles for sale

Classic Car Auctions – Tips For Buying Classic Cars

You can find unique cars at classic car auctions though sold at exorbitant prices. The market for classic cars generally is small. Classic cars are therefore not fast moving goods. If you would like to buy some beautiful classic cars, then you have the privilege of biding your time.

Classic Car Project Nomad #5

So a few weeks have passed and as each day goes by I am slowly warming to the 57 Chevrolet Nomad. Yes, it still has the bog and rust in it but there are some positives that I can point to that has me thinking the end result will be worth it.

Classic Car Project Nomad #4

I got the call. The Nomad was ready to be picked up. With adrenalin on the rise I gave the go ahead to the towing company, grabbed my digital camera and documents and headed out to Mascot to see if I got lucky.

Make Money With Your Classic Car, Old Truck Or Hot Rod

Classic Trucks in the movies and starring in TV Commercials! Owners of old trucks would never deny permission for somebody to take a picture of their vehicle. Do you want to take a picture of my truck?

How to Purchase Your First Classic Or Antique Car

Want to buy a classic or antique car? Find out all the steps you need to take to make that purchase a success.

Classic Car Project Nomad #3

So I have bought a 1957 Chevy Nomad wagon from a guy in California sight unseen. The next step was to get it picked up and shipped to Australia. Thankfully I had done this before but this time it would require a lot more mucking around on my behalf than last time.

Classic Vintage Ford Cars – The Alluring Ford Mustang Classic

This article talks about why the Ford Mustang classic cars are so alluring. It also tells you where to find a great resource and tips for vintage cars restoration.

A Brief Look at Classic Vintage Car

This article provides a brief explanation about classic vintage car. If you are a vintage car lover, you can find a resource showing you some secret tips for restoring a vintage car.

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