2022 Hyundai Sonata Limited Review.. Worth A Look

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The Beauty of Classic Cars

Classic cars have always occupied a special position in everyone’s heart. They are not only a show of class, but also a passion of some enthusiasts who like to collect and preserve them as treasures.

Avoid Aggravation With Technalon Car Cover

How many mornings have you woken up to a car that has frozen over? How many times have you come out your house, and the car looks like a bird’s nest due to the numerous droppings? How many times have found little dents and scratches on your car? Too many times! Then do something about it!

V8 Race Experience

Are you a racer and would like to drive very fast? However, the normal road conditions do not offer such flexibility to drive at extreme speed levels. It is only the racing tracks where people can execute at unimaginable speed levels.

Interior of Ferrari 308

Ferrari 308 series was the first to introduce a comfortable, roomy and well designed interior in a mid engine, road use, sports car. Though changed and modified over the years, 308 series of Ferrari boasts one the best interior designs for cars of its class.

Maruti Swift Car Review

Maruti Swift the most preferable car of the present scenario. It delivers the new quality of power, response and fuel efficiency. Maruti Swift is not only has the aggressive and stunning glance but also fully loaded with a world class equipment and superior features that makes the car a great performer and very cost effective to run on roads. We can say that this is only the reason of huge demand of Maruti Swift since from its launch.

The Key To A Good Car Cover

Everyone wants to make sure that the car cover they have is a good one. So before they go out and make the actual purchase, they spend lots of time researching and looking into various different types of covers.

Name Plate That Car

Every town in America had one. The place on a perfect summer night where the teens hung out and showed off their cars. They weren’t just “gear heads” or vocational students. They were from all walks of life with a common passion of cars. That tradition carried on from generation to generation. The only thing that changed was the car.

The 1966 Shelby Mustang GT 350 H

In 1966 the Hertz rent a car company agreed to purchase 1000 Shelby GT 350 for their rental fleet. It ended up that 996 cars were finally deliver to Hertz with Three being wrecked in transit and one being returned before it arrived for an unknown mechanical defect.

Your Classic Car Battery – How It Can Last Longer

The battery in my classic car has an average life of 5 years. I expect to nearly double that! And here is why.

Maintaining an Older Vehicle

Many drivers end up holding onto their cars for a long time rather than upgrade to a new one. While a typical vehicle’s longevity has increased over the years, the reality is that all cars will break down eventually. Keeping a car on the road requires a special touch, a little ingenuity and also some luck.

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