2022 Ford Expedition XLT Review.. Is It Worth The Cost??

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Standard, Custom Or Semi Custom – Find Out Which Car Cover Is Best For You

There are three sizes that car covers come in; standard, semi custom and custom. Keep reading to find out the pros and cons of each.

Is Your Car Safe Outdoors? Find Out Why Not and How To Protect It

With global warming as it is, the weather seems almost unpredictable nowadays. Car seem the most vulnerable target as they are left to the peril of natures harsh elements. The problem is that almost no weather condition is safe for the car. Whether its rain, or shine, snow or wind, each of them have dangerous elements to them, that make cars helpless victims.

Evolution Car Cover – Giving Your Car The Maximum Protection Possible

The Evolution car cover is a popular cover in the Covercraft range. This is due to the fact that it provides the ultimate protection against the elements of nature.

Is Your Car Losing Its Shine? Find Out Why and How to Protect Your Car

All too often the shine, beauty and lustre of the car get lost too soon after the car was bought. In a short while cars become splattered with birds muck, faded paint work, dusty exterior, and water marked. This is not to mention the little scratches, nicks and dings all over the car, that make it look a shadow of its former glory. Why does this happen?

Top 5 Most Iconic Screen Cars

Forget the actors and actresses the real stars of these small and big screen hits are the cars! Star of the 1968 film The Love Bug, Herbie has become one of the most recognizable movie cars in the world. The white Volkswagen Beetle, which had a mind of its own and could feel human emotions, was distinguished by two red and blue racing stripes and the number 53, although the original Herbie was far less flashy.

A Good Way to Protect Your Gear in the Rear Is With a Quality Trunk Mat

As is usually the case, out of sight is out of mind. Such it is with the gear we put in our car’s trunk. Most often overlooked, it shouldn’t be, and it needn’t be. There is a whole brave new world of quality trunk mats out there designed to protect our stuff back there!

Read a Car Review Before You Buy a Car

Buying a car is a cherished dream of every individual. Apart from it’s many uses to an individual compared to other vehicles, the car you own clearly spells your status, style and personality to all. However buying a car requires a lot of research and preparation and the preparation alone is very time consuming and confusing.

Car Covers Protecting Your Car This Winter and Making Sure You Don’t Need to Buy 1 for Next Winter

The sun is shinning, the waves gently rushing by. You lie on the beach, hardly believing the bliss is actually existing. As the sun begins to set, grudgingly pick yourself up and head back to the car.

George Barris: Icon Among Kustom Car Builders

George Barris is one of the leading statesmen of Kustom Car builders. While most car guys know his work, few know his story. George has a body of work that spans decades. It includes cars like the Munster Coach, Batmobile and “Black Beauty”; all used in kids TV shows of the 60’s! This article is dedicated to George and his story.

The Diesel That Dominated Indy

The 1952 Indy 500 race rules allowed cars equipped with four-cycle diesel engines to race. The Cummins company, in 1952, believed that their engines could compete in the world’s most famous race. Cummins build an inline-six, 401 cubic inch (6.6L), 380 horse powered, turbocharged, diesel-fueled race engine that featured an aluminum block, head and a magnesium crankcase. This is the story of the famous race car that dominated the Indy 500 just to prove a point!

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