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Vintage Cars Rubber Flooring – Finding the Right Match

Tips on protecting floors of vintage cars. Suggestions on how to find the right flooring.

Repair Diagrams For Vintage Cars – Why You Want a Repair Diagram and Tips on How to Find It

There is nothing like having a perfectly preserved vintage car in problem free running condition. A collector can be very proud when owning and showing the perfect car. But for those people interested in owning a vintage car, you have to be ready for the care and maintenance these vehicles rightly demand.

The Benefits of Buying Classic Cars Online

The benefits of buying classic cars online for investment purposes. Try online auctions for classic cars for sale.

Tips on Buying a Classic Car

People who are into cars often have the desire to build or restore a classic car. The idea of bringing a car back to its former glory is something that is often on their mind so they often look for classic cars for sale.

Classic Cars on the Road

Older cars are grouped according to the year that they were made. Some of them are considered vintage cars and others are more aptly classified as veteran cars. These two were made before the 1930s. Those made after 1930 are called the post vintage cars. These are more popularly the modern cars we see around.

Find Car Parts For Old Classic Muscle Cars

When you are restoring classic muscle cars you will be on a search for parts at some point during your restoration project. There are many places that you can find parts but you will have to search for them. Usually you can not walk into your local car parts store and get what you need. These items will all be special ordered.

How to Care For Your Vintage Car

The desire to own an old fashioned car is a dream that is held dear by many. If you are fortunate enough to have attained that dream, then it is important to know how to care for your car properly in order to provide it with the longest life possible.

Paint Your Used Mustang Or Other Classic Car on a Budget

Can you paint your car and stay on a budget? Absolutely! Follow this guide to get the most out of a budget paint job for your car. This article offers step by step tips on having a low cost shop paint your used Mustang or other classic car.

Classic Car Transport Problems Driving You Buggy?

Have you found, at last, a little beauty of a Beetle online, and now have to figure out how to get it to your house? It can get sticky — who could afford to pay a driver for a one way trip and then the airfare to get back home? Don’t let these temporary auto shipping problems get you down.

Classic American Cars of 1950

In this article we discuss the American car scene of 1950 involving the bucktooth Buick and the start of drag racing. If Buick had bared its teeth in 1949, it was only a prelude to the full-frontal attack launched in 1950. Many have said they went too far with the “bucktooth Buick” which had appeared midway through the previous year in a new 1950 Special line. The public, however bought Buicks by the bucketload.

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