2021 / 2022 Ford Bronco 4 Door Review.. Wait For The Raptor?

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Why We Love Our Hatchbacks

Hatchbacks have taken over the automotive market as the most popular car segment. The number of hatchbacks being bought, by far over powers the sedan and SUV segment. However, this is no surprise, keeping in mind the horrible state of our roads and the torturous traffic we are forced to endure.

Vehicle Protection

Collecting, trading, selling, restoring, and the list goes on for you who have the true passion for Classic Cars. Once it gets into your blood it is almost impossible to change. Although I am not an avid collector due to the lack of resources I do own a fully restored 1971 Ford Bronco and absolutely love going to events, shows, and especially checking out a nice classic ride driving down the road.

Custom Wheels for a Classic Car Show

You’ve just bought a new car but definitely feel that the factory-made rims and wheels have to go. After all, they are oh-so-boring and plain, not to mention every other driver with the same make and model will have the same set of wheels. So you have made the decision to change the rims to something which suits your personality. Well, you are definitely open for choice because there are many different custom wheels that you can purchase.

Aston Martin: The Highly Esteemed Sports Car

When you see an Aston Martin for sale, you are looking at one of the most understated and seductive of all sports cars on the market. This is the signature brand among cars with an unmatched aura of exclusivity and mystique – certainly one for those with taste and class.

How Long Until Today’s Latest Hybrid Cars Become Classic Cars?

It is intriguing that a classic car is considered a car which is over 20 years old. Interestingly enough, they’ve been selling the Toyota previous now for 13 years. That means that in seven more years it will become a classic car.

All You Need to Know About Mercedes 190SL

If you have loved Mercedes all along its line of development, you cannot overlook one model that is Mercedes 190SL. The model from the famous automobile company was first shown in 1954 at the New York Auto Show and was later introduced for selling. It is a two door touring convertible car that comes with a removable hardtop.

Three Reasons to Buy a Used Nissan!

Nissan has manufactured some of the most reliable vehicles around and this has created a lively and trustworthy second hand car market for the brand. Here are three reasons why vehicle buyers search for second hand Nissans.

Just Because It Is Old Doesn’t Make It a Classic Car in the Collector’s Eyes

In many states, such as California there are rules which are different in the motor vehicle code for those folks that own old classic cars. This is because they may not always be able to meet the smog requirements since cars back in those days didn’t have all the new sophisticated environmental controls and systems. Because there are these classic car laws, many folks who have older vehicles will keep them for longer as they are able to bypass some of the restrictions, regulations, and rules for operating a motor vehicle.

Should You Take Your Classic Car Through a Carwash?

Most people that have classic cars with pristine car finishes will not go through any type of carwash that has brushes. And a good many of them know better than to go through carwashes that wash the car without touching it, because generally they use a flash washing method where they use an acid type soap wash, allow 10-seconds of dwell time which eats the dirt, and then rinse it quickly within a few seconds to prevent it from damaging the paint job or the rubber on the vehicle. Okay so, let’s talk about this for second shall we?

Excuses to Not Have Insurance

This article will be about the craziest reasons why people don’t have insurance. We will discover that there are several options for every situation.

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