2016 Acura TLX V6 SH-AWD Review.. ZF Any Good?

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How to Convince a Big Box Store to Allow You to Host a Classic Car Show in the Parking Lot

Have you ever thought of hosting a classic car show in your town? Did you know it can be an excellent fundraiser in a way to raise money for your nonprofit group? It’s true, but what you’ll need is a very big parking lot, one that’s well maintained, and one where you can rope off a rather large section.

Does Your Classic Car Club Have an App for Your Members and Fans Yet?

If you run a nonprofit group such as an automotive classic car club then you need to be in touch with all of your members and fans. You need a very good website with a forum and a blogging network, and this can be done using perhaps the Ning Blog Network (you can Google that) and a decent “php forum” in conjunction with your website. You will also need to engage your members using social networks such as Twitter, and perhaps Facebook.

Brand New Retro Classic Cars With Modern Features – One Option

Yes, all of us look back on our younger days and remember the cars which were new at the time, and how intrigued we were. Perhaps we couldn’t afford a new car like that back then, but we surely wanted one. Those vintage cars now have stuck in our minds, and we’d love to get a hold of one today.

The Cars of 007 – James Bond (Part 2: The 60s)

The James Bond character was established as a new type of action hero in the 60s, seen in the films Dr. No, From Russia With Love, Thunderball, You Only Live Twice and of course, Goldfinger. The character quickly became synonymous with international intrigue, beautiful women and luxurious automobiles. In addition to the signature Bond vehicle, the Aston Martin DB5, the film adventures utilized many other sought after cars of the era and by doing so elevated the awareness of both the character of James Bond and the films bearing his name. Some of the more noteworthy vehicles will be spotlighted below.

Gold Dust or Terminal Rust?

You could say I learnt to drive in that car. Due to feeble brakes, and a lack of syncromesh, I discovered the art of double declutch gear changing, closely followed by heel and toe if I wanted to stop as well.

Diecast Scale Models – Collecting the Mille Miglia

The Mille Miglia – “One Thosand Miles” – was an Italian classic car race which, despite its dangerous route, captured the imagination. There are many diecast models available of cars that took part and collecting them is very rewarding for those who want to celbrate the excitement of the classic motor race.

Choosing The Perfect Driving School

Butterflies in stomach, heart pumping fast, nervous hands trying to steady the wheel, wide open eyes trying to look in every direction, yes, this is the first time your child is about to learn how to drive. Learning how to drive is a huge step in a person’s life. You should remember that being a parent you are the sole person responsible for your child’s safety.

Driving Cars Responsibly – Learn

Cars have been one of the most remarkable inventions of the past century. If these automobiles were not invented then we would still be travelling for hours to cover a mere distance of a few miles. Nowadays of course the “car” has been revamped so much that it cannot be even compared with its original self when it was invented.

Discover the Origins of the Famous Mercedes Benz Company

Perhaps the name that is most famously associated with automobile manufactures both on account of its historic origins in the early epic days of automobile design and of its innovation, quality and style is the Mercedes Benz. All the features of security that Mercedes provides to customers are unbelievable.

Protecting Your Classic Car at a Car Show – A Couple of Tips For You

If you have a custom hot Rod, or a classic car which is in pristine condition, you had better watch out at car shows. Far too many people who don’t have nice things are willing to take risks with your car’s finish. As a former auto detailer, I can’t tell you how many scratches I’ve had to try to get out of custom paint jobs on classic cars merely because someone with a belt buckle wanted so much to look at the engine compartment or inside the car that they leaned over and scratched it.

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