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From The Garage To The Road – Getting Your Classic Car Ready For Spring

Spring has arrived and it has quite possibly been six months since your classic car has been started. Hopefully before the snow hit last year you took proper steps to secure your vehicle to get it ready for its winter slumber. But even with proper preparation, there are important steps necessary to check your vehicle over before you turn the key for that first drive of the spring.

How To Find Vintage Car Parts For Your Vintage Automobile

If you own a vintage car then you know how difficult it is to find the parts you need for your car and if you can find them the party that has them usually feels like they can name their price because they also know how hard they are to find. The fact of the matter is that is you are an owner of a classic car or are even thinking about it then you better face the fact that the parts will be harder to find and more expensive than…

Determining Fair Vintage Car Prices

For a person who adores cars, especially vintage cars, putting a price tag on their favorite vehicles, especially if they have been fully restored can be very difficult. The emotional attachment a person gets with a vehicle that has captured his or her passion can be deemed as priceless and for many people parting with their vehicles, selling them to another vintage car enthusiast is like giving a part of themselves as well.

Vintage Car Parts Is Like Looking For A Needle In A Haystack

And so much more expensive too. If you own, maintain or are planning to buy a vintage or a classic car, you better prepare yourself to a tough time looking for the much needed parts to bring it back to life.

Finding Classic Car Parts For My ‘Precious’

My friend taught me a lot about the process of restoring vintage automobiles, and now this is what I spend most of my free time doing. In fact, I’ve already sold two of my completed projects for a nice profit, which has got me thinking that perhaps I can turn this hobby into a full-blown business.

Volkwagen Golf MK1 – A Modern Day Classic

With the VW Golf MK1 (Rabbit in the US) Now fast becoming a ‘Modern day Classic’. There is fast become a growing market for ‘Restored’ Cars. With the most desirable examples i.e. the Campaign edition Commanding premium prices.

Why Vintage Cars Are Still Loved By Young And Old Alike

People love vintage cars because it reminds them of when they bought it and such a good time that they had in the car at the time that they bought the car. That is the main reason why I think people bought them and kept them to this day.

Worry-Free Classic Car Shipping

Transporting a vehicle over a long distance such as during an interstate move is a nerve-wracking experience. It is even more traumatic when you are shipping a classic sports car or other valuable vehicle. In addition to the cost, such automobiles often have sentimental value that makes them irreplaceable.

Collect this Car, it’s a Classic!

Not only is collecting classic cars fun, its profitable too. So why not keep a piece of automotive history in your garage?

3 Tips For Finding Classic Car Parts

It usually takes a lot to maintain a classic car, and the major problem is about getting the right parts. This article gives you some tips for finding classic car parts.

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